Turkish Residence Permit Renewal Law

If there are any missing document you will be given 30 days to submit the document and complete the application. For first time applications you must visit the Migration Office in person on the date and time of your appointment with your relevant documents. Prepare all relevant documents required by the Migration Office and ensure you have everything required for the online application. From 18 May 2015 all Turkish Residence Permit applications will be made online and direct to the Directorate General of Migration Management. The giant companies of real estate sector gave explanations about this subject. With the law published in the Official Gazette on 12 January, the scope of exceptional cases in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship in Article 12 of the Turkish Citizenship Law was expanded.
On the other hand, residence permits to be given to those within this scope are granted residence permits for a period of one year from the beginning of one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year. Another issue that closely concerns foreign students is the change of Turkish residence permit after the university change. If you are changing faculty or department at the same university and there will be no Turkey Residence Permit For Pakistani change in your city of residence, you will not need to change residence as well. Therefore, you do not need to update your Turkey residence permit. While the Turkish residence permit you are holding is valid, you are expected to notify the immigration office about your change of school or department within 20 working days. When you make this change, your residence permit will be extended during your education period.

Depending on the type of residence permit, you might need further documentation (e.g. a certification from your employer, school, university, bank, etc.). There may be some cases where you can apply for a short term residence permit for Turkey. In this case, you will require a valid visa and need to take the necessary documentation to immigration officials in order to apply. Documents such as a valid passport will be necessary in order to accept your application for a short term residence permit in Turkey. The administrative immigration department that will be most likely to process this request is the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration.
As long as all the documentation meets the criteria, in those instances they’ve changed the details in the system on their end at the time of the appointment and there’s been no real issue. You might want to consult 157 and see if even they give the go ahead if you want total peace of mind. Unfortunately, 157 is usually our go to for these sorts of issues so we wouldn’t be able to give a fully confident answer either. However, if you do decide to go via route number 1, your foreigner ID number is allocated to you, not a particular passport, so that should remain the same.
The residence permit also allows its holder to buy a car and obtain a Turkish driver’s license. The holder of a residence permit in Turkey has the right to open a bank account in all Turkish and international banks on the Turkish territory. The residence permit is usually granted for a period of one year and it may be renewed under certain conditions as well. Turkish residence permit is one of the legal frameworks and procedures for residing in Turkish territory.

Most European countries, the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, and India require the issuance of a visa prior to arrival in the country. Under certain conditions, citizens of certain countries not listed above may apply for the eVisa, such as holders of Schengen, U.S., U.K. or Ireland visas, when flying with national Turkish companies as Turkish Airlines and having a hotel reservation.
However, it is possible to apply for another residence or work permit right away. Your first residence permit can be issued for a period of 1 year at most, provided your passport does not expire earlier. The Student Residence Permit allows you to stay and study in Turkey at College or University educational institutions for higher level education completion. This residence permit is renewed each year with a renewal application, starting from 60 days before expiration date, pending that you continue education.

This would be followed by the issuance of new Turkish ID Cards and Turkish Passports for all family members within 1 week only. Option indicates that Turkish Citizenship could be obtained with the purchase of Turkish Government Bonds and Bills of $500.000 USD on the condition to hold them for at least 3 years. This investment shall be confirmed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkey. Option requires that a fixed capital investment shall be made minimum of $500.000 USD . This investment shall be confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.
And My US green card along wıth my Pakıstanı passport was what I used on my Vısa Applıcatıon. Unfortunately, it seems to be a very uncertain time for residency permit applications in general. This is the first we’ve heard of them not honoring the 30 days regarding missing paperwork for the already established requisites, so that’s a bad omen as well. for the monthly income (600$ a month) does income from a job count?
You may file your UK Visa application up to 3 months prior to your intended travel date at one of the WorldBridge Visa Application CentrEs. Please do not buy your flight tickets to England, or book your hotel before obtaining your UK Visa. A Turkish passport would grant you visa free/ or on arrival access to 115 countries, including Japan, S. Korea, and the majority of S. Turkish citizens also benefit from easy visa access to the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia. For entry into the EU, Turkish nationals enjoy a privileged status, making it very easy for them to obtain Schengen visas. In addition, there is an agreement with Greece that allows Turkish citizens to visit for short holidays, without being required to obtain a Schengen visa.

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