Car Trailers For Sale Qld

We offer a wide range of car trailer designs including both open and fully enclosed options. We offer a wide range of sizes, materials and colours to ensure you are getting the perfect trailer for you. We pride ourselves on using only top quality steel from local suppliers to construct our trailers.
Stonegate Trailers have a commitment to ensuring best practice is engaged in order to design, engineer, produce and assemble our trailers. We have available a large variety of extra options to individually customise your trailer. Before you go on your next holiday car trailers for sale qld book in with Northside Trailer Hire for your trailer service. Titanium trailers is one of North Queensland’s largest supplier of trailers and their corresponding parts and accessories with a convenient one-stop shop located in Townsville, Queensland.

Are you looking for particular types of trailers for sale Townsville? No matter what your personal needs are, we are able to meet them. We stock elecbrakes, ark, Raptor Liner and other trailer parts and accessories including our new range of aluminium products which include canopies, dog boxes & toolboxes. With a certified H.A.V.R.A.S person onsite, trailer roadside assist and multiple finance options, your new purchase hasn’t been easier!
In this area, we have done business with people from diverse fields. If you have a specific budget, we can build your trailer according to your particular specifications. We have a clearance inventory that includes closeouts, demos and leftovers. If you have certain specifications in mind and looking for trailers for sale Townsville, you can rely on us for providing you with the custom trailer.

Once you load the race car, you can raise the deck back to the normal position, and strap down the wheels. This can make it very hard to get a race car onto a standard trailer. If you have a specific or high-value car that you need to transport, a fully enclosed trailer is an excellent option as it adds extra protection and security to keep your investment safe.
All of our custom made products can be tailored to your exact size specifications and individual requirements. This means that if you have a certain function for your galvanised trailers in mind, we can accommodate your needs to ensure you have a highly functional and practical design. Simple speak with our team regarding what you were hoping for and we’ll be able to advice you as to your options and explain what’s within the scope of our ability. Having designed a vast array of different styles, shapes and sizes, we’re confident we’ll be able to offer a solution. Big Trailer Warehouse Townsville is Queensland’s newest supplier of trailers and their corresponding parts and accessories with a convenient one-stop shop located in Townsville.
At Oz Wide, we manufacture quality trailers designed specifically for Australian conditions. We focus on durability and versatility with our single axle box trailer range. With a variety of sizes, including 6×4, 7×4, 7×5 and 8×5, there is no doubt that we have the single axle trailer for all your towing needs.

There are several factors to be taken into account when purchasing a car trailer, including weight class, tow ball, usage, and budget. Click the above image to view our Special Offer on Box Trailer. Trailers Down Under offer quality trailers at affordable price, to suit almost any budget. We have built the Oz Wide tradesmen trailer drawing on our own personal experience as tradies.
You don’t want to buy a car trailer from a maker who cuts corners by doing a poor welding job. Look for the use of strong material in the build of a car trailer. The purpose of a car trailer is to carry at least a couple of tonnes. When you’re buying a car trailer Gold Coast, be sure to check the load capacity specifications. If you need to move a car, no matter what size or style, we have a car trailer solution for you.

So you can turn without hitting the vehicle that’s towing the trailer. The drawbar of a trailer should bit a longer than half the size of the vehicle that’s towing the trailer. Australia Pacific Trailers build trailers to Australian standards and meet all safety needs. When the driver of the vehicle is braking, the trailer will automatically brake.
This is achieved by using 100 x 50 x 3mm Rhs drawbar brought right back to the spring hangers not just 400 mm under the deck & with a centre beam for bracing. Our full range of car trailers have full RHS chassis rails and full width cross members, extra upright post for extra support on our trailers with top rails. On our 2 tonne ATM trailers we use 45 mm solid square axles with ford bearings not hollow axles. If you are looking for custom car trailers and enclosed car trailers for sale Townsville we have some good news for you. In this area, we are one of the most well-known manufacturers of these products. We use trailer accessories such as flooring and cabinets to customize car trailers.

For over 20 years Trailers 2000 has serviced the entire Sunshine Coast including Beerwah, Caboolture, Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore, Nambour, Palmview, Noosa and Gympie. NO RAMPS – the unique design has eliminated the need for extra ramps. You might need to think about storing the trailer elsewhere.

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