The 5 Best Saigon Restaurants

At the time of our visit, her repertoire has expanded to about six snail dishes and just as many clam dishes. We wanted a snail feast so we ordered four plates of snails and one clam dish. Among all the Saigon restaurants we had on our itinerary, this was the one we were most excited about.
We try to update this website as often as possible but we can’t guarantee that all the information is always accurate. Some information may have changed after the time of writing so you’re encouraged to verify any information before proceeding. You are reading the information on this website at your own free will and any reliance you place on said information is strictly at your own risk. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage in connection with the use of this website. You can read our privacy policy and terms of use for more information. I’m proud of it but to be honest, we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of all the tasty things Ho Chi Minh City has to offer.

But, many people remember the rich taste of this restaurant when having the opportunity to return to enjoy it. They will be surprised when seeing the vegetables and sauce to add in the soup. Pho Le has been since 1970, the first restaurant is located in District 5 – an area of ​​noodle, hu tieu and dumpling shops. From the Pho cart in Hanoi, then sold in Saigon along streets, after that, a shop was opened on Tran Cao Van Street in 1952, finally moved to Mac Dinh Chi. The traditional North Vietnamese Pho followed Mr. Phon to supply a tasty one nowadays. Speaking of Cao Van Pho , the patrons of the restaurant will immediately remember the elderly over 90 years of age who collects money at the corner of the shop.
The main means of transport within the city are motorbikes, cars, buses, taxis, and bicycles. Motorbikes remain the most common way to move around the city. Taxis are plentiful and usually have meters, although it is also common to agree on a price before taking a long trip, for example, from the airport to the city centre. For short trips, “xe ôm” (literally, “hug vehicle”) motorcycle taxis are available throughout the city, usually congregating at a major intersection. You can also book motorcycle and car taxis through ride-hailing apps like Grab and GoJek.

We can’t speak to the taste of the pho 50 years ago, but we think it remains one of the best bowls of pho in Ho Chi Minh City. And while the price at Pho Hoa Pasteur is much higher than you would expect to pay for a bowl of pho in Vietnam – 90,000 VND for a large bowl – you will still find plenty of locals dining here. It’s easy to spot Pho Le, especially at night, thanks to the flashing rainbow-colored marque above the entrance. You can always count on this pho restaurant to be hygienic and reasonably clean.
Known as banh mi heo quay, what you’re looking at is banh mi made with roasted pork belly and the usual ingredients like cucumber, carrot, and cilantro. I believe it contained both grilled chicken and pork along with cilantro, cucumber slices, tomato, onion, pepper, and some type of special sauce. This was good too but I preferred the simpler grilled chicken banh mi.
Everything seems to have a dab of pork fat or hunks of grilled meat or seafood in it. But here are a few suggestions if you want a cheap, quick meal on the street. Bong Sung attracts mostly middle-class Vietnamese people and we hardly ever see foreigners there. It is almost always busy, a testament to the delicious food.

Bun cha, a Vietnamese dish consisting of grilled pork and white rice noodles, is a popular dish here in Ho Chi Minh City , despite having originated from Hanoi. They all looked delicious that it’s hard to recommend just one main dish, so why not try a little bit of everything? Spicy grilled prawns, vegetable spring rolls, lemongrass pork… and the list goes on and on. The friendly staff sure know how to keep me feeling welcome, too, by constantly making conversations and asking me if the food was any good. Apart from that, they serve a good range of main dishes that you can eat for breakfast or lunch.
As with most Com Chay places, Mani Chay serves plates heaping with rice and pre-prepared dishes of the day. But they also make freshly prepared food from their menu which covers all of the Vietnamese favourites. We wrote this guide to fast-track your vegan journey in the city, so you can discover the best animal-friendly eats without searching high and low! You Vietnamese cuisine should also read our guide to vegan food in Vietnam so you can find your own vegan delights as you travel. Yet across town, there’s a South Philly enclave filled with Vietnamese restaurants, bakeries, and grocers known as Little Saigon. Pho 75 is one of its most popular destinations, with a beef broth that’s arguably the best in the city and a daily 9 a.m.

Vietnamese traditional foods differ from place to place, each region having its own flavourful traditional dishes. Ho Chi Minh City is the land of immigrants; therefore, its cuisines are diverse as its culture. One of the best ways to get a real taste of Vietnam is going to some authentic restaurants in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.
Some of my favourite dishes are their scallops with peanuts and dressing as well as the crab with salt, pepper, lime and chilli dipping sauce. A simple little restaurant in District 3 known for their ‘Bahn Cuon’ otherwise known as rice noodle filled with pork and mushroom. From its rooms and suites to its restaurants and bars as well as its exquisite spa and stunning public spaces, all feature indelible expressions of some of the best artistry known the world over. Ho Chi Minh City counts 24 districts—19 inner city districts and five suburban areas.

This was not only one of the best rice congee meals I had in Vietnam, but among the best congee I’ve ever had anywhere – purely excellent food. We ordered quite an impressive spread of food, including the rice congee, which came in a large communal bowl, along with a plate of sliced up duck and duck organs. Nearly every Asian country has their own version of rice congee – a soothing rice porridge, often supplemented with some meat for flavor, and typically consumed for breakfast, but really at any time.

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