Sichuan Food, Melbourne

Our signature cumin pork ribs take pride of place on our menu, ably supported by a strong selection of meat and vegetarian delicacies like xiao long bao and yu xiang eggplant. Have already recommended this place to many people. All good but the waiter was obviously new and inexperienced.
Hundred kinds of fine ingredients have to be purchased and imported from the special regions of Sichuan just to keeping the authentic flavour of their food. If you feel like a break from Melbourne’s huge choice of Sichuan-style spots, this is the place for you. Choose between Jiyu’s signature malatang near me, sweet and sour tom yum soup or creamy Thai coconut broth – if you’re feeling indecisive, you can also opt for the two-in-one split pot which offers a taste of each. Seafood reigns supreme here with street food-style menu options like spicy stir-fried pips, oysters or Thai seafood fried rice.

Walk in to a fairly nondescript entrance and discover Shark Fin House is upmarket. Waiters in nicely pressed suits guide you to your table. You might need to take the lift as Shark Fin House occupies a couple of floors as well as the ground floor. The décor is traditional with carpeted floors and tasteful walls and lighting.
In 1993, however, a trip to the Sichuan capital Chengdu had opened my eyes to the scintillating flavours of the local food, and I knew I wanted to learn more about it. Tons of fresh produces are receiving directly from farmers and special suppliers to make sure every dish on their menu is ready for satisfaction. All red chilli outlets are finely designed and decorated in traditional Sichuan Style makes you feel the south western culture of China. Many of the decorations were directly imported from China in order to bringing diners the real authentic feel of Sichuan.

The spicy, fragrant notes of Sichuan cuisine have followed the writer and cook for decades. As the rest of the world catches up, she charts the course of a lifelong love affair. Tourism Cairns welcomes Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Chatswood NSW 2067, we provide a friendly relaxing restaurant and bar. special regions of Sichuan just to keeping the authentic flavour of their food. The fanciest of the lot, Flower Drum takes the Oriental wizard staff for presentation, tastiness and authenticity. With incredible decor—giant floral arrangements, Chinese panelling, reds, golds, those little pagoda roofs that everyone knows are straight out of Shanghai—it’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.
Sure, this Tim Ho Wan isn’ the one with the Michelin star , but do go for the justifiably renowned barbecue pork buns – they’re really very good. They’re baked rather than steamed, and the featherweight pastry makes good sense with the dusting of sweetness. More traditional dumplings come in the form of the arrestingly translucent casings containing a wealth of garlicky spinach and some shyly hiding shrimp meat . You can’t visit Nong Tang without trying the traditional dry noodles with spring onion and sesame oil, otherwise known as yang chun noodles .

Try the Sichuan boiled fish fillet at Sichuan House in Melbourne—a lip-tingling cauldron of Sichuan peppercorns, dried chillies and chilli oil. Or make it at home with this recipe for Sichuan boiled fish. Most food dished up in the Sichuan province is spicy. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dish that doesn’t have a good hit of chilli or Sichuan pepper.
For the ingredients to go into the hot pot, we ordered the seafood combo and the vegetables combo. Diners may also help themselves to many different sauces. Located in the heart of the CBD, Charming Spice is a Chinese Restaurant with an emphasis on chilli Chinese dishes. I went here to get a takeaway one Sunday afternoon and I was impressed when I had it later that evening.
Now they are firing up the barbecue and tempting the tastebuds of the CBD with a brand new Sichuan Barbecue grill menu. Fill up your table with stuffed fish balls, beancurd, lotus root, beef slices, mussels, sweet potato noodles and eat to your heart’s content. Lunch hours are from 11.30am–3pm for $35 per person and dinner 5.30–10pm for $43 per person. Have you ever wished you could wash down all that spicy hot pot with an ice-cold beer? David’s Master Pot branch in Glen Waverley has just finished renovating their brand new beer garden located at the rear of their restaurant. After choosing your favourite ingredients from the open fridge (priced at $3.68 per 100g), follow the neon signs to the cosiest outdoor area, full of gas heaters and artificial grass.

Even the Pork spare ribs are in a sweet vinegar sauce. I could have ordered from a large selection of dumpling options or the fried pancake or fried rice – and any number of value items from the menu. We find it’s good quality and affordable as the trolleys go around.
Specialising in hotpot dishes, China Chilli is licensed and has an extensive array of beverages. Six compartments, for independent use it at least can have 8 people in one room, but if all six compartments are opened up and become one big corridor compartment, it can have 40 people at its maximum. No matter it’s small gathering between friends or a big family dinner party, you always can have it. Our restaurant will lead you through the amazing food world. Organising am experienced kitchen team, who got talent, capacity and genius on creating of new Sichuan Fusion Cuisine. Turing authentic Sichuan cuisine into Asian Fusion, what we like to see is, customers are satisfy with the image on your plate.

They also have specials that appeal, perfect for students and the lunch time city worker crowd. Japanese beer and ramen; it’s the perfect match! The ramen is generous with excellent meats, rich broth, and wonderful condiments. Staff are engaging and the atmosphere is vibrant and upbeat. I ordered the steamed pork dumplings which were gratifying with generous fillings of pork. This was a great dish and some of the best dumplings I’ve enjoyed in Melbourne.
It’s fabulous, best washed down with soy milk, although it’s not all incendiary. Bamboo shoots imported from their home town have a wonderful texture; dried mountain carrot rehydrated with chilli oil, sugar, vinegar and salt is nutty and compelling. Dainty Sichuan is the little restaurant that could. Shanghai Street serves up some of the best dumplings in Melbourne; but not just about dumplings. Located on Little Bourke St – as well as other venues around Melbourne – these restaurants give the punters what they want with tasty affordable Chinese cuisine. If you work in the city and are after a quality meal served in quick time then Yum Cha is a great option.

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