Fresno Personal Injury Lawyers

Such individuals will have expertise and years of experience in analyzing skid marks and vehicle damage and using the details to determine how an accident occurred. They can often develop a computer simulation to give a more graphic demonstration of how things unfolded. As riders ourselves, we know that motorcycle accidents lead to mobility issues. A RiderzLaw representative is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day and if you cannot come to our office, one of our motorcycle attorneys will ride to you. Our Practice Areas describe the array of legal disciplines, in which we specialize.
Give us a call to discuss your animal caused the injury, and we will help you know your best course of action. This can be slightly difficult to prove without an expert injury lawyer representing you. Fear, anxiety, flashbacks, increased physical pain, and other things can continue long after your accident. We can connect you with professionals that can evaluate you for these conditions. At the Law Office of Michael J. Aed in Fresno, no matter your situation, you can trust us to handle your criminal defense or personal injury case professionally and relentlessly.

If you are injured, we can help you find a physician to get medical treatment. Some Clovis streets have designated bicycle lanes, but they are usually separated from traffic only by pavement markings. Drivers making turns encroach on bicycle lanes, often without checking to see if they are occupied. Children who ride in a bicycle lane are at particular risk because their bodies and bicycles tend to be smaller and more difficult for careless drivers to notice. All bicycle riders face a risk in Clovis, but the risk is higher for young riders. The city ranks 28th out of 58 for injuries to bicyclists but 8th out of 58 for injuries to bicycle riders under the age of 15.
Drake Law Firm was founded by Attorney Benjamin Drake as a practice that prioritizes personal service. Comprised of talented attorneys and caring support staff, we help families during some of the most difficult experiences in their lives, providing the support and tailored strategies needed for successful outcomes. We were in quite a jam for months and they got the best results possible. You won’t even be charged up-front, as our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. driver is in a collision every 8.7 years, while in Kansas City , a driver may be in a collision every 14.9 years.
Whiplash can cause serious complications with a personal injury case because many victims will not experience the symptoms right away after an accident. This can lead to victims not seeking immediate medical attention because they “feel fine” and don’t think that they have been injured in any way. In a personal injury case, this may be used as evidence against the plaintiff to prove that they were not injured or that it was not serious – which can complicate the fight for just compensation. It is therefore Top Car Accident Lawyer Fresno advised that all victims of car crashes immediately seek medical attention, regardless of how they feel – just to ensure that they have not been injured. An auto manufacturer, distributor, dealer or even repair shop may be held accountable if an auto accident is caused by a defective or improperly maintained/repaired auto part. A potential example would be a vehicle that suddenly accelerates out of the driver’s control because the gas pedal remains depressed after the driver presses it down.

The company helps people and provides high-quality legal assistance in Fresno with offices in Madera, Kings, and other counties across the state. SSD Law Firm is one of the largest law firms not only in Fresno but also in the region. The local team of car accident lawyers mainly consists of seasoned attorneys who specialize in a variety of practice areas.
In the case that you have been injured in an accident involving a boat because of the negligence of another party, you must employ the services of a personal injury attorney. Car accidents are among the most common accidents that cause injuries in California. If your accident transpired while driving or riding in a vehicle owned by you or someone else, you may have a claim. If your accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, recklessness, or other contributing causes, we can help you figure out what damages you can seek. Because of the statute of limitations in California for injury claims, you must speak with an injury lawyer as early as you can. A skilled cars and truck mishap injury attorney can help you understand your options – auto accident lawyers fresno, ca.

The accident caused you or a family member to suffer serious physical injuries. A vast majority (more than 90%) of cases settle outside of court. However, whether because of the case’s complexity or some other factor, many cases still go to trial. After an initial consultation, our attorneys can advise you on the outlook of your case and your best strategy going forward.
That’s why providing legal services to all those in the Fresno area is a top priority for the Law Collective. Our legal team and staff are passionate about serving our clients by providing unparalleled legal representation to accident and injury victims. But we’re here to help you handle the aftermath of often traumatic incidents.

They have a pool of car accident lawyers, paralegals, and account managers who managed to recover more than $33 million in verdicts. Clients can view recent case results and real testimonials by previous customers. The hard-working legal team introduces the founders and partner attorneys Nicholas “Butch” Wagner, Andrew B. Jones, Daniel M. Kopfman, Lawrence M. Artenian. They establish an aggressive approach to oppose insurance companies and counsel to get the verdict you expect with a solid compensation to cover your bills. Initially, you do not have to pay anything unless local lawyers win the case. After you contact the firm representatives, you will be assigned an attorney who will handle the case in the most aggressive way to gain the settlement you deserve.
Mr. Paboojian has obtained 9 verdicts in excess of $1,000,000.00 in the last 12 years. I am the founder of , the detailed website for personal injuries and personal injury law. Slip and falls, hi-lo accidents, back, and joint injuries, and others can be hard to litigate in California. Our legal team can instruct you as to how to proceed with a work injury lawsuit. It is usually best to speak with an attorney before making efforts to settle it yourself with your employer. Medical personnel such as surgeons, physicians, or consultants do cause injuries.
For almost 30 years, Tim Mazzela has represented and assisted thousands of injured individuals in the Fresno, CA area. From car accidents to dog bites, wrongful death, and slip and fall accidents, Tim Mazzela has won more than forty-three million dollars for his clients. Having a car accident attorney by yourself will give you peace of mind.

When you hire our lawyers, they will help you in claiming and recovering the compensation you deserve. • Write down the name, address, insurance information, vehicle license number and driver’s license number of any and all persons involved in the accident. We have been providing expert legal advice to clients across the state and assisted many victims in winning fair compensation.
We have been working with clients in Fresno, California for decades. Read some reviews from clients who chose Fiore Legal Trial Lawyers to fight for them. If you are convicted of both the DUI and of the hit and run offense, then your punishments for each can be stacked together. You could be sentenced to months or years in jail or prison and have to pay a high fine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that 857 bicyclists lost their lives in accidents in 2018. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also reported that in 37 percent of all bicycle accidents, alcohol involvement for the motorist or the bicyclist was at play.

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