Engineered Timber & Laminate Flooring Melbourne

With a plastic surface layer that can be easily wiped clean, laminate flooring is fairly low maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping is generally all it takes to care for either laminate or engineered walnut floorboards timber floors. For both flooring types, it is imperative that any spills be wiped up immediately. Instead, when the top layer of the floor is damaged or worn out, all you can do is to replace the planks.
Laminate flooring, such as the Airstep Extravagant Dynamic XXL range, looks like real timber floors. With a surface consisting of real hardwood, engineered timber will always outperform laminate when it comes to appearance, especially upon close-up viewing. It’s highly resistant to moisture and incredibly resilient, making it suitable for use in a range of environments. To top it all off, bamboo is fast-growing, renewable, and biodegradable, giving it many advantages over VOC emitting synthetic floors and logged hardwood timber.

Our range of products are suitable for most homes, new and old. Karma Flooring is a direct importer of laminate, hybrid and engineered timber flooring.We can save you up to 50% on retail prices when buying direct from our factory. All our products are displayed in our showroom in Bayswater and Epping.
Would highly recommend Karma Flooring and Advanced Flooring Installation. CQ Flooring offers you the unique opportunity to have a stress free floor installation. Sanding back floorboards and adding a wash, wax or stain, or even painting them, can transform a timber floor when you want a change. Despite the differences, all of these floor types can be cared for the exact same way. Available in a wide range of natural woods, some of which are not available in other options.

Bamboo flooring might provide just the solution you are searching for. A beautiful hardwood floor can transform a room, add value to your property and when properly cared for – can be enjoyed for decades. The overall height of engineered flooring is generally around 16mm (3/4 inch), which matches up with most other flooring types. Samples displayed and provided are indicative only and will not match the floor installed. Other variations will also occur, such as small knots, grain variation, gum or sap marks and mineral marks.
We also have depots in Brisbane and Perth and can usually guarantee interstate delivery within the week. Often your delivery will arrive in as little as three days from purchase. Can’t decide between the natural beauty of hardwood floorboards, and the budget-friendly affordability of vinyl laminate?
View our engineered timber flooring products at your local Carpet Court store today. One of the major ways that engineered flooring materials differ from laminate timber has to do with the way these products are designed in the first place. Engineered wood flooring as a thin veneer layer on the surface that is made from real wood, though the base layers are high quality plywood. This is normally covered by a clear layer that protects the image and below it is a separate underlayment. Lion King Flooring offers laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, engineered timber flooring and vinyl flooring at reasonable prices and we can arrange freight to the most places in Australia.

If you are ordering online and can’t make it into a Floor Depot showroom, then you can order a sample prior to purchase to ensure that the product will meet your requirements and match your style. We all know that there really is no such thing as cheap oak flooring. Even reclaimed boards can be incredibly expensive, and finding them in the quantity that you want is near impossible.
When choosing your flooring materials, you definitely want something that will last. Ideally, laminate is known to resist nicks, scratches and scuffs quite well, however, should something happen to it, you cannot refresh or sand it down since it is not real wood. On the other hand, engineered wood is typically more prone to scratches and scuffs, even though it can be sanded down and refinished. Alternatively, you can add a protective coating in order to improve aesthetic appeal and increase it lifespan, which can go up to 75 years. The two flooring options are incredibly versatile and can be installed just about anywhere within the house. Although both of them are great options for do-it-yourself installation, the engineered wood floors are a little harder to install, hence the need to purchasing flooring with a good locking system.

In a nutshell, laminate is a unique multi-layer synthetic flooring product which is designed to resemble real wood. Its core layer is primarily made from fibre board material and melamine resin while the top layer features an imprinted textured image that looks like real wood. On the other hand, engineered timber flooring consists of numerous layers of wood or plywood materials. The middle and bottom layers are made from plywood or cross-laid planks, while the top layer comprises of a solid real sawn wood which is often prefinished and stained in factory settings.
Choose the tint and realistic woodgrain finish that suits your home and style and start enjoying the benefits of durable vinyl laminate flooring today. Why pay more for vinyl laminate flooring, when you can find an impressive range of bargain flooring at our Melbourne clearance outlet? We’re constantly updating our range with new and exciting styles, so you can benefit from the very latest in flooring technology without paying an inflated price. Engineered Timber Flooring is not just superior compared to hybrid flooring in terms of being premium but any other flooring types like laminate and bamboo. Browse our product to find the best hybrid flooring or laminate flooring for your project. Being water-resistant is the most important difference between hybrid flooring and laminate which makes hybrid flooring the first choice for wet areas as it is 100% waterproof.
For more information, please feel free to download the product brochure. Choosing the right floor covering for your house is a complex task and requires a lot of attention. From incredible deals on stock that displays minor defects, to end of stock clearance sales on flawless flooring that you won’t find anywhere else – we have it all. Terra Mater produces floors that are synonymous with quality, innovation and designer appeal. The subfloor does not need to be perfectly flat , as a 2mm foam underlay is used to take up imperfections. Please read Installation instructions included with your product for specific subfloor requirements.

Next book an installation and we will come and install your chosen floor. Reputable installers will insist on leaving the timber on site for several weeks to acclimatise before installation to prevent shrinkage and movement afterwards. Floorboards often come pre-finished, but finishing them on site provides a tighter seal between the boards. Use a simple solution composed of a ‘pinky nail’ sized drop of dish liquid added to a bucket of hot water. Sometimes, you can add a capful of plain white vinegar to the mix too, it helps cut dirt.

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