Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery In Spain

The patient can trust and be sure of total confidentiality if they wish to come to one of our Hospitals. Our hospitals are designed to make life easier to our patients and make the work of our professionals easier. Likewise, we will ensure that the patient´s doctor at home, their family members or their healthcare insurance providers are duly and constantly informed of the patient´s medical evolution​, whenever required. Patient oriented, a philosophy based on experience and the pillars that have made us an international benchmark in healthcare. Specialists in the rehabilitative treatment of patients with traumatic, rheumatological, neurological, pediatric injuries or affectations, derived from the different surgeries.
You must feel comfortable talking to your surgeon as good communication is essential to getting good results. It is vital that you can talk to the surgeon about the outcome you are hoping for and for him or her to be able to explain to you what can be realistically achieved and what would look best. They should also explain what is involved in the procedure and outline any risks BEFORE you commit to surgery. On the day of the procedure the basics happen but confidence in the procedure is absolute. The operative plan and technique are clear from the day of the consultation.

For all these reasons, the team of ShMadrid would like to provide you with several names of prestigious clinics in the capital of Spain. The first clinic is the University Hospital Quirón Salud, which specializes in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. With an exceptional medical chart, at this center you will be able to undergo procedures such as breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, lifting, blepharoplasty or jowl surgery. Another interesting clinic is Clínica Menorca, a center for surgery and aesthetic medicine that offers facial surgery, body surgery and intimate surgery.
He currently works in private practice in the cities of Madrid and Albacete, combining this with public practice as a specialist in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery at the Hospital Rey Juan Carlos associated with the Quirón Salud group. Our doctors have extensive experience in performing all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery treatments and specialize in the liposuction laser technique. In addition, our medical professionals and surgeons are members of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery and the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Medicine. One of the best clinics for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine specialized in facelift surgery. With more than 1000 surgeries a year, 15 years of experience and great international reputation, Ocean Clinic in Madrid’s Barrio de Salamanca. Luxuriously equipped paying homage to the style and elegance of the building where it is located.

These procedures effectively eliminate deposits of excess fat, skin, and tissue that are stubborn and unresponsive to exercise and diet. Dr. Alejandro Acuña, an aesthetic doctor recognized nationally and internationally for his extensive professional experience in the world of aesthetic medicine, directs the AA Clinic center located in Ourense, Galicia. Dr. Daniel García Paricio, MD, holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and is a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and is considered one of the best specialists in this discipline in Spain. He is currently a plastic surgeon at TEKNON Hospital in Barcelona and a member of the “Catalan Society of Plastic Surgery” and the “Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery”. Author of scientific and informative articles, planner and collaborator in numerous congresses, sessions and seminars, and collaborates professionally with surgeons of first line at international level.
Through a series of techniques, it is possible to reshape the pinna, reducing it or giving it the proper shape. If accuracy and professionalism is important in all areas of medicine, in this area, it is even more important. During the consultation, the individual must always be informed about what can be done and what the realistic expectations are, and an agreement must be reached between the doctor and the patient regarding the treatment to be followed. The correction of different body parts by means of surgical techniques not only makes patients feel better about themselves, but can be the necessary turning point in order to leave behind traumas and complications impeding the individual’s normal development. The goal of the Breast Cancer Area of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra is to show the patient the vision and the joint and integrated work of the different specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Our surgeons are specialised in surgical planning for the preservation of as much healthy breast tissue as possible and, if necessary, immediate breast reconstruction.
You must expose your expectations so sincere and honest, so that in this way the plastic surgeon is also honest and he show you the choices available for your problem, with the risks and limitations of each one of them. The ideal candidates to undergo a rhinoplasty, or nose operation are those women or men who have a relatively bad silhouette and are worried about the facial appearance which gives them some of the characteristics of their nose. It may also be due to loss of elasticity of the skin in older people in whom the nasal tip can suffer a fall, situation frequently associated with facial aging. This means that there is a great variability between people in terms of the shape of the face, the structure of the nose, the type of skin, etc. As a result, each patient has needs and, therefore, a different nose operation type. Latest techniques of microsurgical breast reconstruction, implant-based and basic flap elevation.

Depending on the extent of the surgery, abdominoplasty can be performed as full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck . Tummy tuck, clinically called “abdominoplasty” is one of the most commonly performed body aesthetic surgeries. A flat, well-toned tummy is something many of our patients strive to achieve through exercise and diet, but sometimes those methods are just not enough.
After successfully passing the MIR exam, he was able to choose the best Otorhinolaryngology Service in the country to perform his specialty, training for the next 4 years at the Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Department of La Paz University Hospital in Madrid. During these years, Dr. Casas obtained enormous training in all the medical and surgical areas of the specialty, including cervical cancer surgery, nasosinusal and skull-based endoscopic surgery, surgery of the thyroid gland, otologic surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. As for Barcelona, the list shows 11 doctors and surgeons that work in referral hospitals, both in public health and private healthcare. In the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, Barcelona is one of the most leading cities and, in this sense Dr. Jorge Planas is one of the three best considered doctors. Doctor Fakin, founder of Ocean Clinic in Madrid, one of the best plastic surgeons in Spain.

Also ask the surgeon about his or her experience, medical background, how long they have worked as a cosmetic surgeon and where they have worked. I always evaluate the result of the procedure with my patient and their satisfaction is the most important thing. Beautiful and attractive people do not look like they have had surgery and my patients know this. Just like breast tumours, the different types of skin tumours have also increased considerably.In the case of melanomas the safety area that their removal requires means that the reconstruction work is more complex, sometimes with flaps of skin obtained from other areas of the body. The number of breast tumours in developed countries has been increasing in recent times. It is probably the most complex breast surgery together with reconstructions following mastectomy.
Taking care of all the health problems of the woman and the pregnant woman with special attention to the Adolescent Gynecology, whose monographic and multidisciplinary consultation responds to the needs of this age. Technology, professionalism and care of all the technical and human needs of the most delicate patient come together in a basic hospital service. At HM Torrelodones we have been the benchmark in private healthcare in the northern highlands of Madrid for more than 15 years.
As a 66 year old, I wanted a fresher look without looking drastically different. We have surgeons of recognized national and international prestige, and accredited professionals in each of the specialties, with more than 20 years of experience and constant training. The NBIR is a database that collects information on breast implant procedures cirujano plastico and devices. Collecting this information will allow the NBIR, plastic surgeons, and breast implant manufacturers to identify trends and other helpful safety information. The Radiology Service is equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out the imaging tests necessary to obtain a diagnosis, and sometimes treatment for a certain disease.

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