How Can I Apply For A Turkey Residence Permit?

On the other hand, in certain exceptional circumstances, Turkish citizenship can be acquired without the conditions mentioned above. The most popular exceptional way is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment. If you apply the acquisition by investment, you do not need to stay a certain period of time. The same law states that holders of family residence permits cannot leave Turkey for more than 120 days without having residence permits cancelled and renewal rights revoked (ibid., Art. 36). In contrast, according to a guide issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office for British citizens living in Turkey, holders of family residence permits are able to reside outside of Turkey for 150 days (UK 31 Dec. 2015). The application process for a residence permit in Turkey is relevant to anyone who wants to stay in the country for more than 90 days at a time.
Directorate for Immigration may request a local Turkish bank statement evidencing economical independence and ability to support the applicant and any dependent family members . If your passport is in any language other than Turkish, What Is Turkish Residence Permit it will have to be translated by a sworn interpreter at the notary office in Turkey. Birth certificate includes an apostille stamp from the Consulate of your country in Turkey and stamped by the Foreign Ministry of Turkey afterwards.

It is then usually necessary to print and complete a Turkey embassy visa application form to bring along to the consular interview. Provide proof of a valid hotel booking in Turkey as well as proof of sufficient financial means to cover the stay (at least US$50 per day). Travelers of over 100 nationalities are able to obtain an electronic travel visa for Turkey. Yes, provided that the total value of all properties reaches the minimum investment required. The Turkey Citizenship-By-Investment Program offers eligible individuals and their families the opportunity to obtain full legal citizenship and passports upon making a qualifying investment in Turkey. Copy from the passport page shows an entrance stamp at the airport in Turkey is necessary with other documents to be submitted.
The cost of private health insurance varies according to all countries and is often high. However, the policies of those who will apply for a residence permit must cover certain conditions and do not have to pay a high price after these policies are checked. It will be beneficial to get help from an experienced immigration lawyer in this regard. Victims of human trafficking can apply for a residence permit for victims of human trafficking. This type of residence permit can be issued for 30 days and can be renewed for a duration of 6 months.

Once the residence permit card is issued the individual will be able to leave and reenter Turkey on a multiple-entry basis. Prior to the expiration of the resident permit and before the employee can travel outside of the country, the employee will need to obtain an extension of the residence permit. In order to apply for a business visa the employee must prove that he is traveling to Turkey for business activities such as meetings, mechanical or technical repairs and training programs. The employee must include a letter from his employer describing his intended activities in Turkey. Business visas are generally valid for a period of up to ninety days per entry.
Your residence permit renewal application might be rejected without a reason in the future. People who want to stay for less than that duration can use a tourist e-visa, but can’t remain for more than 90 days during a 180 day period in Turkey. The application MUST be submitted no later than the expiry date of the old residence permit. An original and a photocopy of any document showing proof of your savings. This can be bank statements, or a receipt from a foreign exchange office with your name and passport number on the top.
Some ex-pats fit into it straight away, while others take time to readjust. There are also other matters that you need to consider, like learning the language, driving a car, keeping in touch with friends and family back home or bringing pets into the country. Did you know that if you plan to spend at least $250,000 on property and pledge to keep it for at least three years, you will be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship? This brings with it so much more advantages, including the right to work and the opportunity to pay into a Turkish pension scheme.

Source of funds for investment must be self-funded and paid in full . • The copy of real estate ownership documents or your tenancy agreement in Turkey. Documents must be translated into Turkish and notarized by Turkish Noter. • An economic self-sufficiency declaration that you declare in the application form. The Directorate for Immigration may request a local Turkish bank statement evidencing economic independence and the ability to support the applicant and any dependent family members . If your passport is in any language except Turkish, it needed to be translated by a sworn translator at the Turkish Notary office.
In order to obtain a work permit to transfer an employee to Turkey, an employer must obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security . After determining that the employer has met all the necessary requirements, the MLSS will issue an approval for the work permit and the foreign employee will be issued a single entry work permit at the Turkish embassy or consulate abroad. The work permit is a single entry visa that will become multiple entry once the employee obtains his residence permit card in Turkey. We are Property Turkey, a real estate investment specialist with offices in many parts of the country, including Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye.

This residence permit is for foreign family members of German citizens, or of foreigners living in Germany with a valid residence title. In 2018, the Turkish government cut the investment amount significantly to make the program more competitive. The Turkish CBI offers several investment option to applicants, with the most popular being the property purchase. Most investments are required to be held for 3 years from the time of investment. The Turkish passport offers visa free travel to many destinations in the world but not in the EU or the US.
Purchase of shares of investment funds for $500,000, specializing in real estate or venture capital investments, with an obligation to preserve assets for three years. Turkish citizenship is granted to the spouse of the investor and children under 18 years of age. Furthermore, the parents of the spouses or their adult children can obtain citizenship if they are financially dependent on the investor. There is no need to make additional investments for children and parents.

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