Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Melbourne

The time taken to complete this process depends upon the total amount of extra fat cells present in the body. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, fat freezing treatment offered in our clinic that’s proven to work in reducing fat cells as a body contouring method .The results are long lasting and noticeable. Our UltraShape Power is a great alternative to surgical liposuction or fat freezing treatments, but without the surgery, time off work or recovery period. This is a walk-in, walk-out treatment and you can go right back to work or coffee with a friend. It has been studied in clinical trials and had more than 350,000 treatments performed worldwide. You eat right, exercise, take care of yourself, but you can’t seem to get rid of those troublesome love handles, that unsightly muffin top, or that embarrassing belly pooch, right?
Concentrating on particular areas of fat, people considering fat reduction treatment can now see instant results through this latest fat freeze technology known as Coolsculpting cryolipolysis. It is extremely effective and is producing constant outcomes for native belly fat freezing areas of fat like belly fat, love handles, under chin, or ‘man-boobs. The CoolSculpting treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses fat freezing technology to lower the temperature of affected areas to allow the excess fat tissue to freeze and ultimately die.

CoolSculpting results are seen over a period of a few months because the process of cell death is not instantaneous! Fat cell death happens over time – but once the fat cells are destroyed, they won’t return. The treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure which means no incision, no anesthesia and next to no recovery time. Removing the element of surgery is beneficial for individuals that cannot go into surgery due to health reasons. Building on the benefits of zero surgery; there is virtually no pain involved. While Cosmetic Avenue ensures no pain during any surgical procedures as patients are given anesthesia, there is almost always discomfort experienced during the recovery process.
The cooling energy of the machine treats the fat layer without damaging any surrounding cells so all you have to do is pop in a podcast and enjoy some you-time for the next hour. It is important to remember that coolsculpting is not recommended as a weight loss treatment. Even after desired results are achieved and documented via photographs and tape measurements, we would not expect a change to be seen on the scales.
The cheap machines have set temperatures as -5 degrees however staff can override these temperatures, which is fraught with danger, as skin burns or frost bite can cause permanent scarring. The coolsculpting machine offers only the 2 plates inside the fat freezing handle which is why we chose the clatuu fat freezing machine. Please note that fat cavitation treatments are not the be-end and end-all when it comes to losing weight. Although the treatment can help reshape specific areas of your body, we still stress the importance of exercising and eating healthy foods.

Some areas may require a second session for optimal results. We often recommend our clients combine fat freezing with fat cavitation to fast track their results. Additionally, many of our clients have had great success complementing their treatment with RF skin tightening.
The fat freezing handle pulls the fat tissue in, which is a little pinchy, however for the next 50 mins the area is comfortable. Over the next 16 weeks – your body slowly passes the dead cells out. Most clients will lose a dress size or about 3 inches off their hips with treatment.

This would mean the total cost would range from $4,200 – $6,300. Depending on the area and the amount of fat taken, liposuction patients are usually back to work within 3-7 days and returning to all normal activities in 4-6 weeks. It was being a mum, running a business and hopelessly trying to get my body back that made me find out about fat freezing. After my fantastic results I decided I wanted to get back to helping women who, like me, ate well and exercised but couldn’t get the body they wanted . Bayside mama of two Linda Tsiokas is no stranger to running a business. Linda set up Melbourne’s first drive-through coffee business Latte Cartelle, with her sister 15 years ago.
Usually, the side effects last only a few hours but may last up to 24 hours. You may return to your regular activities and work immediately after your Trusculpt treatment in Melbourne. The handpiece is constantly moving within the treatment area and causes a warm sensation at the treatment site.

Provide a variety of procedures with results seen and felt instantly. Our team of therapists are not only masters of what they do, but also qualified nutritionists, who are invested in helping each client reach and maintain their body goals. HIFU is the latest innovation in non invasive facial tightening and wrinkle removal. I absolutely love what I do, and I love serving my clients to achieve this personal transformation. We can discuss your payment plan at the time of your consultation. My payment plans are interest-free, with no credit checks or financials required.
The process involves a specialised applicator being applied on to the skin of the treatment area before it transmits freezing cold temperatures into the submental fat. As fat cells are particularly vulnerable to cool temperatures, they naturally die off. Our fat reduction treatments in Sydney can target 4 areas at one time.

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