Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

The permanence of laser hair removal has always been a debatable topic. In many cases, hair reduction can be achieved for a significant period of time, sometimes years. Although laser hair removal is able to permanently remove existing hairs, this does not prevent the growth of new hairs – this is the case with any laser or IPL system used. Instead, laser hair removal allows for easier management of hair, decreasing the need for plucking, waxing, and shaving of hairs.
As mentioned above, the usual gap between two sessions of laser hair removal is 4 – 6 weeks. It is recommended to adhere to this time period and not miss a session; else you risk the likelihood of missing a period of hair growth. Strictly avoid any sun exposure for at least one week after the laser skin treatment, as the treated area will lip fillers Melbourne be more prone to sunburn and pigmentation change. Keep the area covered and use a sunblock with a protection factor of 30+, applied hourly while you are in the sun. During the laser hair removal treatment, only the hairs that are in the growth stage will be destroyed permanently as they are the only ones that are connected to the root.

It also means that it is much faster to work with; making small areas such as underarms, upper lip and bikini lines a five minute treatment! Larger areas such as women’s legs or men’s backs can be treated in as little as 30 minutes. Although laser is fast, it can only treat your hair during the ‘growth’ phase, so a series of 6-12 treatment sessions will be required for those silky-smooth results. Australian Skin Clinics is widely recognised as a leading authority in cosmetic and aesthetic services.
Lose It With Laser are a first-rate laser salon in Melbourne, Blackburn South with years of experience in helping clients feel more confident and look as good as they feel. This includes removing any unwanted hairs, blemishes, or other body issues. With our various hair removal systems and a mixed modality approach, we will successfully remove your unwanted hair, however the health and integrity of your skin always comes first. Through consistent skin preparation with our restorative skincare products we ensure side effects are significantly minimised.
Furthermore, redness can be reduced through the gentle coagulation of microscopic dilated capillaries. Our commitment to achieving the highest standards in our industry is reflected in the ever-changing nature of our clinics, focusing on our clients and how we can achieve the results you desire. Education and training is a way of life for us, as this ensures that we are constantly evolving into something better and remain at the forefront of our ever-changing Laser, Dermal and Cosmetic industry. Many clients use a variation of our Laser Hair Reduction procedure to “photo-rejuvenate” their skin. We are a small, yet dedicated and passionate team of highly qualified therapists with over 22 years of clinical experience. You need to tend to your frustrating, unwanted hair, again and again, to keep your skin smooth.

Laser treatment has long been recognised as the most effective way to help remove hair from any part of the human body. However, what is slightly less well known is that no two laser hair removal clinics in Melbourne are the same. The cheaper centres tend to use old and outdated equipment that is far less advanced than what’s currently available. The laser is highly attracted to the melanin or pigment in the hair. Hair has a larger amount of melanin than skin, so it attracts the laser energy more readily than skin.
SHR combines Laser and IPL, which gently heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle to prevent regrowth while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. I.P.L. Permanent Hair Reduction is a pain-free, ultra-fast alternative to hair removal. Our equipment is German Technology, and all of our I.P.L therapists have their SIB70110 Graduate Certificate in I.P.L and laser.

For more information regarding laser hair removal services, contact our laser clinic today. Our Candela laser directs concentrated light into your hair’s follicle, inhibiting its ability to grow without any damage to the skin’s surface. Our experienced therapists provide two hair removal options, GentleLASE Pro for clients with dark hair and lighter skin and GentleYAG Pro for clients with a darker complexion.
On average we find a 50% permanent reduction is achieved over 10 to 15 sessions. Permanent hair removal is achievable for certain hair and skin tone combinations, however, permanent reduction is expected and optimised with the use of mixed laser hair removal. With a course of treatment, hair regrowth is greatly reduced in texture, amount and may lighten in colour.
Our laser systems are available for use two evenings a week and all day Saturday so even our busiest patients can find a suitable appointment time. Dependent on your hair type, skin type and the area to be treated, you will require treatments every 4-6 weeks until no more re-growth appears. This is usually a series of 6-10 treatments to achieve permanent hair loss dependent on your hair type and the area treated. All body areas have differing hair growth cycles; therefore, hair loss between treatments will vary depending on which phase the hair follicles are in, at the time of your treatment. Full details will be discussed during your consultation with our medically trained dermal nurses or therapists. Everyone wants silky, smooth skin, but waxing and shaving can be messy and are only short-term measures.

IPL – which stands for Intense Pulsed Light – is an alternative to laser hair removal, though the procedure and results are similar. If you’ve not experienced laser hair removal before then you probably have a few questions. We can help and provide peace of mind, helping you find the best laser hair removal deals in Melbourne. No treatment is without its risks, and you might experience some mild reactions.
For three years, we have been one of only a handful of Melbourne Laser Centres which can safely treat this high risk group of patients. Patients can expect to fill out a consultation form before laser hair removal. This will involve answering a series of questions about your medical history, as well as your skin types and any previous treatments that you have had.

Super Hair Removal is faster and safer than any other permanent hair reduction method, and can treat large areas at each session. Soprano Ice is a medical grade laser, FDA & TGA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I-VI) and tanned skin. Our clinically proven and effective treatments will ensure you never have to shave or wax again. Unlike traditional methods, medical grade Laser Hair Removal destroys the root of the follicle, destroying unwanted hair and preventing future growth. Whilst beauty grade machinery can only guarantee hair reduction, our machines ensure targeted results that provide a permanent solution to unwanted hair.
Our area of special interest extends to Adolescent Mental Health and we would love to offer support to any youth going through difficulties at this time. Most people will require a series of about six treatments, usually spaced six weeks apart. Some people with underlying hormonal problems may require maintenance treatments.

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