Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney

Ask your employer for a list of pre-approved doctors and seek help as soon as you can. A – If an injury was sustained at work or in illness contracted within the course of employment, the rules governing compensation kick in. If an injury victim fails to see a doctor after sustaining a work injury or discontinues follow up care recommended by a physician, this could give the insurance carrier or employer a reason to deny a claim.
We are pleased to assist those individuals whose claim has been denied. Next, the attorney will aggressively negotiate with your employer’s insurance carrier. The goal is to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your claim, and the legal professional will do everything possible to achieve this. If you’re qualified for a different type of job that your company has available, they should assign you to it. Employers in the State of California are required to file an injury claim within 24 hours of a workplace injury.

Your settlement is not enough for your medical bills and lost income. If you are offered a settlement that will not cover your losses, a workers’ comp lawyer will represent you to pursue a fair settlement. We’ve met a lot of workers who are apprehensive with fighting for their rights. They are required to provide worker compensation insurance to their employees. Every employer in California is required to carry workers’ comp insurance, so if your employer has failed to do so, you have grounds for a civil lawsuit against them. In addition, California Labor Code §§ 3715, sometimes allows for injured employees to receive compensation from the Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund if your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance.
For surviving family members of a covered employee who dies because of a workplace medical condition, workers’ comp laws also provide death benefits. Note that filing for workers’ comp benefits is usually your sole remedy, so you are barred from seeking damages through a civil lawsuit. There are exceptions if your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance, your employer’s intentional conduct caused your medical condition, or a third party is responsible.

The worker compensation insurance is given to any person who is unfit to report to work and is currently under medical care. Once he has already recovered, he can start working on light duty and his injury will no longer be under the total disability worker compensation insurance. Your state’s laws and the requirements of your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage will determine the answer. Inquire with your employer about whether you must see a specific doctor or if you have the option of choosing your own. This is a critical question because the more work injury cases your attorney has dealt with, the better your chances are of winning your case. General practice lawyers may not have the same level of workers’ compensation knowledge as a lawyer that specializes in this specific category of legal enforcement.
California also places a cap on how much a recipient can receive weekly. We accept Southern California workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis, making it easy for you to afford exemplary legal representation. Contact Us Welcome to the Lee Legal Group WE WORK FOR YOU Injured on the job? We can help you navigate the workers’ compensation system to ensure that you have all the medical and financial benefits you are entitled to. I recently received a nice settlement check with the help of Mr. Kleinman.
20 year painter suffers a serious back and right ankle injury in Escondido, Ca after ladder accident. We have a few more questions, when’s the best time to contact you. You can also find his offices at2222 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, work injury los angeles CA in the Mid City neighborhood of Los Angeles off of I-10 Exit 8. As a bilingual firm, we welcome injury victims who only speak Spanish. Defective products including industrial machinery not manufactured by the employer.

Most workers will be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits following an on-the-job injury. However, depending on state laws, some workers, such as independent contractors, may not qualify for compensation after an injury. Our legal team will focus on getting you the maximum compensation and care that you deserve. With years of experience in workers’ compensation, we’re experienced in all types of workplace injury cases. A person can obtain his worker compensation claims even if he is still under medication or currently in the process of healing. The amount of work that can be performed will be less than what he used to do before his personal injury.
Representation by one of our employment law attorneys will also require NO OUT-OF-POCKET OR UPFRONT LEGAL FEES. The workers compensation attorney group was a life saver for me and my totally screwed up case. My case was originally delayed and went under investigation because I am a pushover and my boss told me to give it a week and see if it gets better. Without the help of my lawyer I am not sure my case would have been accepted though. Set up an initial consultation appointment with a qualified workers comp attorney in your area.

This can be any injury or death and can result from an automobile accident, construction site accident, defective machines, or a fall. Being injured while at work is a traumatic event that can lead to a serious disruption in your life. Steinberg Injury Lawyers can help you through this difficult time. Os Angeles Workers compensation lawyer today if you have more questions about the matter.
He also learned that he would be happier helping injured workers. So, he began representing injured workers to help them get what they are entitled to through the workers’ compensation system. He uses what he learned defending against these claims to help workers secure the real help they deserve. Scott Law Firm is a practice advocating for the rights of employees in Los Angeles. It helps individuals in obtaining compensation for work-related injuries and losses from scenarios like falls, electrocutions, or construction accidents.
Brayton Purcell LLP also handles all other workplace law matters. Workers’ compensation is an insurance program put in place by the State of California to medically treat and financially compensate employees who have been injured on the job. Each state mandates its individual laws for the administration of workers’ compensation claims, payments, procedures, and legal proceedings. In California, nearly all employees are covered by workers’ compensation. Additionally, because it is a no-fault system, you do not need to prove that anyone was negligent or that you were not at fault for the accident or incident that caused your injuries to recover compensation.

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