House Inspections Melbourne

Ian is such a lovely guy and really knows what he is talking about. This is the last inspection prior to the builder handing the home over to you. It is important to do the final check to make sure your builder has complied with your contractual agreements and list of fittings and fixtures. This is the time when you can do a final quality control regarding finishes, materials and workmanship to make sure they meet the standards expected.
I had to organise an inspection on 1 days’ notice, as I was in the middle of negotiations on a property and was desperate for Brett to come through before I signed anything. Acknowledging the urgency of my situation, he rejigged his calendar, organized the whole thing with the real estate agent and had an 85 page report with photos and easy-to-read comments/analysis in my inbox on the same day!! Have showed the report to my brother 验房师 and he was very impressed. He gave us a thorough report but more importantly talked through the report with us to ensure we understood and taught us a lot of the nuances of inspections and how to understand the quality of a building. I also called him back later on the same night to ask him more questions. He not only agreed to talk further with us at 8.30pm but had us on the phone for about half an hour discussing the property.

Ian was very nice and understanding coming out as soon as possible and completing the job. He did a 137B report for us, the price was competitive. Ian came out to Werribee for us to complete this report. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Whether you’re building, buying or selling, it’s essential that you have as much information as possible about the condition of the property so you can buy or sell with confidence.
House Inspections Melbourne are qualified and our independent pre purchase building and pest inspections identify major defects, safety hazards and minor faults that a regular person would glance over. With over 5500 building inspections conducted to date, there is no one more qualified in Melbourne than Geoff Sharp and his team to assess damages to your home. I must have read dozens of reviews and sample reports for home building and pest inspections before I decided on Inspect East.
This was particularly helpful for us as complete novices in the game. From the initial call, to the updates and then to the actual day of the inspection, the report and the conversation afterwards – everything was great. Using them for my property inspection has literally saved me lots of heartache and worry.

Contact our team today for further information or to book your building inspection with us. Remember, you normally only have two professionals on your side before buying a new home or property — your solicitor and your building inspector. The one time cost of a timely and reliable property inspection is minuscule when compared to the financial risks and emotional heartache that will come from buying the wrong home. Gallo Property are the proven Melbourne house inspection experts in all such situations; call us for pre-purchase & pre-handover of new construction or renovation work, or pre-sales to get ready to put your home on the market.
Professionalism and with his sharp attention to detail. Brett made a point to guide me through the process and he carefully explained what he would classify to be acceptable thresholds with respect to the building finishes. I found Inspect East’s report to be both thorough and fair. I will definitely follow the next steps which Brett had suggested with regard to the hand over. Brett has done two inspections for us (the first saved us from buying a lemon!) and has been absolutely fantastic.

This ensures that your house is properly constructed from top to bottom. Without a pre-purchase inspection, you might be putting your family in an unsafe house. Some structural defects are not that obvious and might become a major problem that would lead to a major cost. Landmark Inspections Melbourne ensures that your future home is a safe place, and a safe investment. Needed a building inspection done quickly and Patrick was able to deliver within days.
We felt reassured and supported in our decision making. Geoff and his team were really dedicated and helpful to us. The service was conducted very quickly and efficiently.

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