Timber Flooring Installation In Melbourne

Often it is tempting to try and save money by carrying out DIY jobs yourself. While that ethic can work well when it comes to painting a wall or basic wiring; with flooring installation, it can be much more difficult. At AP Flooring Solutions, we offer nothing but the best quality flooring solutions. From the very basic, to the highly technical, this website will cater to your every need. We guarantee to provide you the best quality, service and price anywhere in Melbourne. Should you choose to have our team do your installation for you, our work is also guaranteed for 20 years against fair wear and tear.
Mark did a fantastic job with our floors and we’re really happy with the result. Great communication and really accommodating fitting in with our renovation schedule. Steve completely refurbished flooring near me our 40 year old homes pine floors (which needed a lot of work with sanding/knocking down nails/repairing and resealing). He advised us on the finish to use and supplied a cleaning kit.

When it comes to your home’s floor, we know that only the best is acceptable. Floor Installation is often a project that people think they are able to do alone. We have seen many attempts at DIY flooring that we have been asked to fix.
Yes, any type of flooring can be damaged, including hybrid flooring. Although it is exceptionally hard-wearing, durable, and resilient, it is still important to take proper precautions to protect your hybrid flooring against dents and scratches. Securely glued vinyl sheet, vinyl planks or cork flooring can also be installed over.

Durability – hybrid floors are unrivaled when it comes to sturdiness. They are made of the most durable components on the market today, making them very resilient against wear and tear. Our experts understand this industry better than anyone else, so they are always ready to answer any questions or concerns regarding flat-locking flooring.
They have an acoustic backing built onto the base so, unlike regular floating floors, no underlays are required. Hybrid flooring is a type of floating floor which has been manufactured to be extremely dimensionally stable compared to conventional floating floors, as well as being waterproof. We supply and install premium quality wood floors for commercial and residential buildings. We provide Pre-installation services including existing floor removal, leveling, and insulation according to project requirements. SPC hybrid floors create the least noise when walking on them compared to WPC floors.
But you must know that SPC floors look like stone while WPC floors resemble wood. They are waterproof, making them ideal for any sort of room, including the kitchen, bathroom, office, or even your living room. They are stylish and will surely add beauty to your home.

The products are meant to be top-notch, so you can expect that your new flooring can liven up your home or workspace better than ever before. As a reputable flooring contractor, we offer the best possible workmanship and products. We have a large group of installation experts who are ready to install your flooring of choice so you can enjoy it as soon as possible!
Its production allows the material to be 100% waterproof whilst maintaining a stylish and durable hardwood design. Our Melbourne hybrid engineered flooring is ideal for an array of areas in your home, especially, the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Within our extensive collection of vinyl flooring are products with different installation requirements.

One of the most cost-effective flooring options on the market, lots of people like to try to reap some further cost savings by tackling the installation themselves. With laminate flooring, self-installation by DIY enthusiasts is totally achievable. Although it has excellent durability and scratch resistance compared to other flooring types, it is possible for hybrid vinyl flooring to become scratched in certain cases. For this reason, it’s important to follow all cleaning instructions properly and to also take precautions to prevent scratching where possible. They are easy to install since the tongue and groove click locking system is used.
Easy to maintain – these kinds of flooring don’t hold dirt, making it very convenient to clean. You will only need a mop and cleaner to keep the floor looking fantastic. Eco-Friendly – our flooring contains no formaldehyde, unlike other products in the market today, which can be harmful to your health when they emit fumes for an extended period. It’s commonly used for interior flooring since it provides durability to your area while looking classy at the same time. How flat does the sub floor need to be to install Hybrid Flooring? The subfloor must not have any variation greater than 3 millimetres over a 2 metre area.

Even though hybrid flooring is waterproof, accidents and spills happen; like all floors, it is best to clean your hybrid floor as soon as possible to ensure your always looks its best. Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, the number one destination for affordable timber flooring, hybrid flooring, vinyl flooring, oak flooring, laminate flooring and laminate flooring. Providing affordable, clearance priced flooring to all of Australia since 2005. Buy online now or visit our Clearance Centre in Melbourne. Hybrid flooring price – They’re way lower then engineered timber, and solid timber prices. Normally, we supply and install hybrid flooring for just 60$ per sqm + gst.
Installers should ensure that any subfloor is smooth, flat and use a straight edge to locate undulations greater than 3mm over 2m, which must be attended to. Bathrooms prone to saturation will require to be glued down to prevent water from getting underneath. High temperatures from heaters, fridges or even direct sunlight may affect the product and cause buckling or peaking. To allow normal expansion and contraction, your planks cannot be “anchored” down by heavy items like pianos, slate pool table etc. The textured surface means you will no longer be a slave to your floor.

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