Textbook Library

Some publishers block the use of screen readers when accessing the electronic textbooks. Rental textbooks must be returned to the original campus . On-line ordering with delivery or in-store pickup is encouraged but not required. Save big when you buy textbooks this semester by using BookFinder.com to find the cheapest textbooks.
The benefit, publishers say, is that all students are able to use required textbooks and tools when they begin taking a class, at a more affordable cost. Many institutions are experimenting with “open source” online books in an attempt to address many of the issues that the inclusive access programs Psychology Applied to Work? 12th Edition by Paul M. Muchinksy do, but at no cost. OpenStax, a nonprofit group at Rice University, says more than half of colleges and universities in the United States offer its free, peer-reviewed digital textbooks. OpenStax also offers a list of questions for instructors to consider before offering inclusive access courses.

From PDFs and e-books, to renting or borrowing, and utilizing your college’s library, there are many ways to access college material for free . And this way you’ll have the extra cash to order that late night pizza or drink all those coffees on the way to class. Our trade-in program makes it fast and easy to earn cash for textbooks you don’t need. We even cover shipping and offer three payment methods .
If you have this book go ahead and post it here and your listing will appear for all students at your school who have classes requiring this specific book. Make sure to price the book competitively with the other options presented, so you have the best chance of selling your book. CampusBooks.com has been around since the late 90s, and has been the go to resource for all things related to textbooks. CampusBooks.com offers an option to buy, rent, or sell textbooks, with average savings at least 60%. What’s cool about Textbooks.com is that as you compare prices, you can also see the book condition.

The best website you can go to for cheap textbooks isbetterworldbooks.com. The OviedoBookstore campus location is currently closed and operating only online. Please note special open hours in January for Spring Term.
Some colleges may use different names, like “innovative pricing” or digital discount” programs. If you want to opt out but are unsure how to proceed, contact the college or the course’s professor for help. “The reality is that students don’t necessarily know how to go through these processes,” Ms. Allen said. The bookstore at Fox Valley Technical College offers textbook purchase online, textbook rental and even e-books and other digital learning tools. Select payment option and how you would like to receive your order (In-store pickup or Shipped).

Students are responsible for purchasing required textbooks and supplies, all of which are available at the TCC Bookstore. The cost of your textbooks and supplies varies from semester to semester and from one program of study to another. Save a little money on college by accessing free online textbooks and other educational resources. You don’t always have to pay for your college textbooks.
TCC provides flexible, affordable education options to over 30,000 students each year, both online and on campuses and centers in all major cities in South Hampton Roads. Typically, a professor or department elects to participate for a specific class, he said. Students must be allowed to opt out, he said, but relatively few do because the cost is low. Cengage Unlimited will not carry e-books for all classes. So, you can use Cengage for classes that offer the use of e-books and use eCampus to rent or purchase other textbooks. Students will still need to order textbooks online.

Optimized for Mobile – The Online Bookstore is easy to use on any Smartphone or tablet. Store pickup option is limited to the specific campus the course is registered at. All Nova Online (formerly “ELI”) are only through the Alexandria Campus only. NOVA Foundation is dedicated to securing private resources to support NOVA students, faculty, staff, and the mission and values of the College. Our buyback partners are not buying this book at this time. Before you begin, please make sure you have a copy of your course registrations for the upcoming semester including the course codes and titles.
So you’ve paid your tuition, dormitory fees, and purchased a meal plan. You’ve also applied for scholarships and student loans and you’re heading into your semester feeling good! You breathe a sigh of relief thinking that your college costs have finally come to an end. We offer an open stock of textbooks at the MacArthur Center Mall Barnes & Noble location, near the Norfolk Campus, and at the Virginia Beach Campus location inside the Student Center. The MacArthur location carries course requirements for Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth courses.
For the average undergraduate college student, that could add up to approximately $5,000 just for textbooks. But as with many things, these days, there are great opportunities to save a lot of money online. Textbooks purchased online are held for you and are not shipped.

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