Medical Treatment In Turkey

Turkey’s hospitals follows the development in US and Europe very closely. Turkish doctors are monitored by the achievements of countries in the world. Has the certificate of authorization for international health tourism issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. After your report and images are evaluated by our specialist, you will be informed in details about your medical treatment, duration of stay and cost. It is being estimated that the cost of receiving quality healthcare in Turkey is 50 to 65 percent lower than in the United States.
In an effort to deliver better care to patients, leading healthcare providers such as IHH are turning ‘high tech’ to complement our ‘high touch’ services. Why would an employer want to offer a medical tourism insurance package as part of their employee benefits? There are several reasons why offering medical tourism insurance provided by Global Protective Solutions can be a good option for employers. Like any healthcare system, the industry of medical tourism needs to be held to certain standards and meet certain regulations. However, unlike traditional federal healthcare, medical tourism is often not strictly required to meet these standards and regulations.

Istanbul, which connects Asia and Europe continents together and offers a unique night life, is not a city that you should see in Turkey but a city that you should see in the World. Istanbul, the capital of Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman periods, offers an unforgettable experience with its unique mosques and churches (such as Sultan Ahmed, Süleymaniye and Hagia Sophia), Topkapı Palace and Grand Bazaar like places. The hospital bed capacity and doctors quality in Turkey is sufficient.
Many patients head to Dubai Healthcare City which is home to The City Hospital, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, as well as many other specialty clinics. Although Turkish is the primary language spoken in this country, English is also widely spoken. Turkey specializes in a variety of services from organ transplants to neurosurgery.

In past years, Turkey has proven itself to provide medical care equivalent to other top-rated countries including India, Thailand, and Malaysia. Medical tourism is one of the growing, profitable businesses worldwide and Turkey is one of the destinations in this competitive race. With the developed medical tourism and numerous treatment options, people across the world get better treatment with fair pricing in Turkey. “Iraqi and Libyan people visit Turkey as they could not find proper medical care in their countries and Turkey is geographically proximate to their countries.
International Medical Network Medicana is one of the largest networks of medical institutions in the region. Medicana hospitals group occupy leading positions among the most high-tech medical centers in Turkey. All accredited Turkish hospitals are equipped with world class infrastructure and modern technology. A full range of diagnostic and treatment services are available, including the newest, evidence based techniques and medical alternatives.
Our article on bariatric surgery fatality rate includes exact numbers and conclusions of research studies on this topic. The purpose of gastric bypass is to decrease the stomach volume and hence the food intake while changing the digestion process in a way that your body’s food absorption decreases. This is done when your surgeon creates a stomach pouch as the main part that receives food. The most important thing you need is a safe environment where you can trust your surgeon and have this surgery with ease of mind. In addition to a surgeon’s academic knowledge, it is necessary to check their experience because the more surgeries they have performed, the more profound their expertise is. Yet still, Turkey offers more affordable prices that start at 4,000 USD.

† Taiwan seeks to become a destination for Chinese-speaking patients. The highest number of health tourists are in İstanbul and Antalya. It is among the top ten cities visited in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Muğla and Aydın. It has also received requests to open branches in Mexico and elsewhere.
With savings of 50% or more compared to medical treatment within the U.S., many find it’s actually more cost effective to travel thousands of miles for a procedure rather than down the street to a local American hospital. Additionally there are just some areas of speciality or quality treatment where the United States or lengthy lines in European and Canadian countries push people towards better options. As per the UK Foreign Office, Turkey is ‘generally safe’ to travel since it is restoring its tourism sector. Yes, it shares its borders with Syria, and there were terrorist attacks too. Considering the country’s initiative in reviving its tourism and even medical tourism, the influx is on a high. The flight services to and from the main cities like Ankara, Istanbul to other countries has gone up too portraying its rising popularity for offering affordable medical treatment to foreign nationals.

This is facilitated by the government’s support of medical tourism, as well as significant discounts from Turkish Airlines for medical tourists. The key areas of medical tourism in Turkey are oncology, plastic surgery, transplantology, reproductive medicine, and cardiology. Medical tourism offers a cost effective alternative to expensive surgeries with long wait times in your country. Cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, dental implants and iLasik are approximately 60% cheaper in Turkey compared to Western countries.
Turkey is close to European and MEA countries, with at max 4 hours, visitors can arrive to Turkey for their interest, whether it is touristic, medical or business. Anadolu Medical Center is one of the leading hospital in Turkey with a capacity of 201 beds situated outside the Istanbul and surrounded completely by nature. It has a strategic partnership with the Johns Hopkins Medicine, world-renowned medical centre that ranks number one in the USA. This partnership helps Anadolu Medical Center to provide the highest standard of services in the field of health.
Just like other developing countries of the world, Turkey is competing with regional hubs to develop its medical tourism industry and any confidence-building step or strategy will help improve the market demand. From hip and breast augmentation, vaginal and penile surgeries, hair transplantation and dental implants to cancer treatment, organ transplantation and gender reassignment surgeries, Turkey is a rising star in the health tourism field. Turkish medical tourism has been on the rise for the past couple of decades, with an ever-growing market in plastic surgery, hair transplantation, weight loss procedures, and more.

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