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While this possibility to benefit from healthcare services is a welcome improvement, there are, however, reported difficulties in patient monitoring. A major challenge in this regard is the ongoing risk of possible notification to law enforcement authorities of irregular migrants and refugees registered in other provinces. The risk of deportation can therefore make migrants and refugees more reluctant to approach public hospitals. Civil society organizations and professionals working in the field of migration have repeatedly raised the urgent need for measures that would help eliminate this risk.
Clinicexpert; is a health tourism company that aims to provide its patients with the right treatment methods and reliable health institutions. As Clinicexpert, we offer many options with our experienced staff to our guests who are looking for health solutions with advanced technology. We provide consultancy services to all of our patients and we are always on their side from passport and health insurance to transportation process steps. At the same time, we offer our services to our guests coming for medical tourism in accordance with the Personal Data Protection.

Doctors then select the best embryos by PDG genetic analysis and implant them directly into the uterus. These techniques increase the chance of giving birth and guarantee a healthy baby. Anadolu Medical Center provides medical second opinion and online consultation through videoconferencing . Turquoise Card is a document that gives outsiders a boundless option to live and work in Turkey. It is a comparative application to the Blue Card given by the European Union or Green Card, which has been utilized in the USA for a long time and is known around the world. Turquoise Card has focused to pull in qualified researchers, craftsmen, individuals, and competitors to Turkey and furthermore to take out the long bureaucratic impediments and procedures that outside speculators may look at in their residency and work.
Migrants interviewed stated police had forcibly evicted them from the Pazarkule area. Individuals were moved into quarantine for 14 days and monitored by doctors assigned by the provincial directorates of health. The Ministry later announced no cases among this population were detected. According to the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s official data, as of April 17th, 2020, the number of Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey was 3,583,584. In other words, millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey are struggling to survive in urban areas. Along with the Syrian refugee population under temporary protection, Turkey is also a hub for irregular migration, hosting an unknown number of undocumented migrants.

Unlike other clinics, we have an international aesthetic hospital and specialists exclusively dedicated to performing hair transplants. Health and aesthetics are the most serious and sensitive issues for people. As Estexcellent, the services we offerDental caretoPlastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery,andHair Transplantationfrom Turkey and we accept patients from all over the world. As Estexcellent Health Care, the services we offer Dental care to Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery, and Hair Transplantation from Turkey and we accept patients from all over the world.
The history of surgical association in Turkey dates back to 1929 when the Turkish Surgical Society was founded. Following the 1980 military coup that shut down all associations, it was founded as the National Surgical Association in 1982 and named as Turkish Surgical Association in 1997. Since its establishment, studies in all related fields have been conducted for the improvement of surgery in every sense. When the number of specialists without any academic title is considered, these three provinces house 1223 specialists, and the ranking is as Istanbul , Ankara and Izmir . 38% of the general surgery specialist pool consisting 3193 specialists in Turkey are found in these three provinces comprising 33% of the population. In other words, 62% of the general surgery specialists without any academic title serve 67% of the Turkish population.
The hospital has modern diagnostic equipment, 25 operating rooms for surgical interventions of the diverse complexity. Almost two dozen departments, which provide different medical services for local citizens and foreign tourists, function in this Turkish hospital. The Gamma Knife is available here, and robot-assisted surgeries are carried out. The hospital specializes in transplantology, reproductive medicine, and surgery. A quarter of them come here in order to receive surgical treatment. The affordable cost of treatment in Turkey and the high quality of medical services that is similar to good European or Israeli clinics attract people.

In fact, they are providing integrated health service, starting from reception and supervision tasks, to the most complex and rare surgeries. A hair transplant Turkey can cost between € 2,000 and € 3,000, while the same intervention in the United States or Europe costs five times as much. In Turkey, professionals’ salaries are low compared to other countries, favourably affecting the final price. For the rest, the facilities and instruments present the same guarantees. We always focus on customer satisfaction and awareness that quality and reliable services are preferred. Estexcellent Healthcare Services find solutions to your aesthetic problems in the field of Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery, Dental Treatment, and Hair Transplantation.
We will make your transportation, accommodation, and hospital reservations before you arrive in Turkey. These reservation vouchers will be mailed to you before you arrive. When you arrive in Turkey, everything you need will be organized by us.

Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the “after-care” program. On arrival, you will receive CONCIERGE kit from us about the city and Tips and Tricks to make your stay easy. After you have decided on a hospital, we will work with the hospital to get you the VISA invitation letter . International patients will have to submit the travel request form including airline, passport, and visa information. Credit cards /Debit cards/ travelers’ cheque are the safe mode of payment; however in many situations cash would be required, so try to keep some local currency in hand.

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