Flushing Hair Salon

An exciting new concept in anti-ageing, harnessing the power of Carbon through the Bohr Effect. CO2 is an active treatment that is super smoothing, super brightening, offers outstanding firmness and results that last. CO2 treatment is particularly calming and healing when conducted on a red/sensitive, rosacea skin type that is prone to flushing or easily irritated. Although this is not a cure, we found clients noticed reduced redness, less heat/irritation and an instant calming effect in the days after their treatment.
Skin fitness is a lifestyle, complete with the sessions, sets, repetitions and resting periods you’d expect when going to the gym. You could step into any other barber shop in the city and maybe you’ll get lucky, but at Premium, you can rely on consistently flushing haircut good service and quality. 11 Broadway is a great shop to pop into after work if you’re in the Financial District. It has some very loyal customers — some who’ve been coming here for up to 7 years — and they all love the high-quality cuts they receive.

That’s not always easy to find, but our friends at Yelp have given us a hand. They ranked the best 10 barber shops in New York City, based on their vast database of user reviews. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin treatment, ideal for cleaning, refining and smoothing the skins surface. The microdermabrasion machine is fitted with diamond coated tips that gently exfoliates the surface layer of dead and damaged skin. This treatment can be used for various skin conditions such as acne, comedones , congestion, and is suitable for both oily and dry skin types. An exciting new concept in anti-ageing therapy, harnessing the power of carbon through the Bohr Effect.
This quick pick me up treatment will have your skin glowing in just 45 minutes with super brightening powers. Including a complimentary skin analysis and personalised advice on diets, product selections and daily habits, this will give you an insight into how the celebrities stay looking young decade after decade. Established in 2005, this Nolita barber shop welcomes you with coffee and a flatscreen TV to watch while you wait. Reviewers love it because its professionalism, cleanliness, and good customer service.

An active treatment that is super smoothing, super brightening, offers outstanding skin firmness and results that last. Each one is professional, clean, and highly affordable (men’s cuts are usually under $US20) — and they’re located in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even in Flushing, Queens. This treatment involves a triple microderm plus a double infusion to reduce fine lines, improve congestion & acne and drastically plump and hydrate your skin. Using a variety of cutting edge technologies including Hydrabrasion, Electroporation, Light Therapy and a custom ampoule, brighten and firm your skin’s complexion for a look that will have you stopping traffic. CO2 increases the oxygen levels in the blood which helps to calm and heal the skin.
Drawing more oxygen to the surface instantly calms irritation on the surface and inside vascular walls. Topical oxygen treatments are gaining use in wound healing/dermatology to help increase cellular energy and encourage skin recovery. Not only will you get a great, meticulously clean cut at this shop, but you’ll also get a shoulder massage and a warm, refreshing towel afterward. Our New York Micro treatment includes the power of Microdermabrasion combined with a potent Vitamin C infusion to make your skin glow.

The barbers are good about squeezing in last-minute appointments, but try to call a few hours in advance. 3 Aces, located in busy Midtown West, is known for their barbers’ great attention to detail and ability to do trendy fades or clean cuts for dudes with shorter hair. Some of the Yelp reviewers like it so much they come here once a week.

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