Property Management Services In Melbourne Rental & Residential

In addition to landlords, our tenants are our valued clients – our business would not be possible with them. Every tenant is treated with respect ensuring issues are resolved promptly. Unfortunately, despite every endeavour some tenants occasionally fall into rent arrears. At Prime Residential Property Management, we do not tolerate rental arrears; we understand most landlords have financial commitments that need to be met on a regular basis. Prime Residential Property Management will take the time to meet your prospective tenants at the property and show them through personally.
In taking care of your property, we have developed a network of trusted tradespeople. Every member of our Melbourne network is highly reviewed and complies with all licensing airbnb property managers in Melbourne regulations. We don’t receive kickbacks (or “christmas hampers”) from our tradespeople. Yes, our VIC office is located at Spaces, 1/580 Church Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121.

The team at My Rental has provided very helpful advice during what has been a very tricky period. After vetting a prospective pool of candidates, we ensure that your property receives the highest levels of care and maintenance. At TTS Real Estate, we are a modern and agile agency with a digital-first approach. We can efficiently get a property to market, get it leased, and look after the property throughout the lease with our digital processes. Tim got the tenants to pay up to date and found new tenants that pay an extra $35 per week. A much lower property to property manager ratio, allows us to spend time to care for each property as if it is our own.
We will hold ‘open for inspections’ – and personally escort all prospective tenants through your property and then attend to tenancy applications promptly and contact you for instructions. Metropole Property Management has a strict arrears control procedure to ensure you don’t miss out on rent money. We review arrears daily and have a system of regular contact with tenants to ensure they pay their rent. If they fail to pay after 14 days, they will be served with a Termination Notice. As Metropole specialises in property management our vacancy rate is less than 1% , our tenants stay an average of 2 years and our properties lease 10 days faster than the market average . Ritz is all about providing landlords, investors, and tenants the opportunity to receive personalized service that is built on honest, fair and effective communication and feedback.
I truly have peace of mind knowing the TTS Real Estate are looking after my investment properties. The TTS Real Estate team manage 2 properties for me while I am based overseas. It is very important for me to have a responsive agent with a team behind them who are as equally effective.

West End Real Estate is a professional, boutique Geelong property management firm with a focus on bringing back friendly, efficient service to the real estate industry. Letting fees constitute the work that property managers do in order to find the right tenant for the property in Melbourne. This includes the preparation of the letting documents for the new tenant and finding a tenant in the first place.
There’s a reason why we’re #1 property management company in Melbourne. We are currently offering free management for the first 90 days for all new clients with tenanted properties. Our industry-leading mobile app will give you a comprehensive insight into the property management process, whilst also improving overall efficiency and transparency.

Any tenant we place will have been checked across the major tenancy databases. We know bad tenants often provide old, or even forged written references, so we call references. Bad tenants may fudge these points – our legally compliant, structured interview process helps us identify those who are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Unlike traditional agencies, we list every property on and with professional photos, video walkthroughs, indicative floor plans and clear, well-written descriptions. By including the things that would-be tenants care about, we get more applications, more rapidly. Danielle looking after our property just for less than 6 month.

This makes it much easier to secure the kind of people you want living in your home and it protects your rental income. Our selected property managers are solely focused on property management and are focused on delivering the highest level of personal service and support to both the landlords and tenants. Holiday accommodation fees may vary slightly from normal property management fees. Fair Trading has defined the maximum allowable fees regarding property management fees, but the numbers could vary, depending on what was specified in the agreement.
We guarantee to assist with your wealth creation… what does this mean? Having an investment property is not simply about collecting the rental from the tenants. Inspections are useful for landlords but a hassle for tenants.

It’s a good idea to look for a manager who has a sound local knowledge of the area that your property is located in. Beyond this, consider how your property portfolio will look in the future. Choose a rental property manager who will look after your entire property portfolio and your future needs. We ensure we maintain timely communications with our landlords. We guarantee you professional and courteous service at all times by being readily available to talk through your needs and most importantly being your eyes and ears at your property. We then promptly deposit your money electronically into your account and send you a monthly Rent Statement by email, detailing all rent collected and disbursements made on your behalf.
Global real estate buying trends point strongly to Melbourne’s house prices remaining high for the foreseeable future, despite potential increases in interest rates…. As an investor it is important to ensure that your property is assisting you to create wealth for you and your family. In the very rare cases where we cannot resolve the problem directly, we will attend tribunal proceedings. Meticulous record keeping is the key to a good outcome at tribunals. We’ve designed our service so that every transaction flows through our proprietary system. At tribunals, we always have a complete paper trail, so we can prove our compliance on your behalf.

30% of all residents rent, and the median rent is $350 per week. They also assist investment property owners maximise their returns with a thorough market analysis in the form of a rental appraisal. I have had my investment property with Melissa (founder & director) for over five years. The peace of mind that Prime offer in regard to all aspects of property management is unbeatable. Prime take the time-consuming logistics away from being a landlord/investor – which means they go above and beyond looking after your asset.
We are committed to providing you with total service and a long-term relationship which can significantly improve the ongoing success of your investment. Our property managers follow this rigorous process to provide our landlords with all the information they need to make the most informed decision. Receive a same-day rental appraisal and learn where your property sits in the local market. Our team of property managers are always there to talk to you and are ready to answer all your questions.

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