Laminate Flooring In Melbourne

No more browsing around from store to store, website to website – everything you need can be found right here in one place. Trading hours until we close will be 10-4 Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
Can’t decide between the natural beauty of hardwood floorboards, and the budget-friendly affordability of vinyl laminate? Bamboo flooring might provide just the solution you are searching for. Spotted Gum timber floors can be cleaned in a relatively straightforward manner, which is crucial if you want to keep your flooring timber flooring victoria looking as good as new for as long as possible. Regular sweeping and vacuuming can help to prevent grit and filth from acting as a form of sandpaper on your timber flooring, which can be detrimental. When utilising a timber-safe floor cleaner, damp mopping can provide a more thorough clean on a less frequent basis.

The staff showed us around and we understood why it was the perfect choice for our modest apartment. The entire process from the initial quote to the final estimate and the installation of the flooring was unsurprisingly seamless. After everything was completed they even called us to check if we were satisfied with our investment. I would gladly recommend anyone who is looking for flooring options to visit their showroom to see their range of floorings and make an informed decision. Our laminate floors installation team in Derrimut is highly passionate about assisting home and business owners with all their flooring needs. Our laying laminate services include the installation of sub-flooring and qualified tradespersons to install top quality laminate flooring at an affordable cost.
We stock end of line and clearance products to bring you the very best prices. Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to traditional timber. Available in a huge range of timber finishes, bamboo looks and feels like natural wood flooring while being significantly cheaper and better for the environment. Bamboo is quick-growing and can be harvested many times each year, whereas timber can take decades to grow. Bamboo is easy to clean, moisture resistant and incredibly durable.

Then, using a power sander, scuff the floor to loosen up the old finish and make it more receptive to polishing. Grafton Hardwood Sawmill produces a range of Australian hardwood species which includes Ironbark, Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Mahogany, Spotted Gum and Tallowwood. In the review below, we will share with you some of the knowledge about laminate products. Is an important decision and that’s why our knowledgeable team will advise you on the flooring that will meet your specific requirements.
Other factors such as foot traffic, accidental spills and animals need to be taken into consideration as they can impact the life of your laminate floor. • Hybrid flooring is available in many styles and designs. Timber flooring comes in many different varieties and can be found in many different colors and styles. There are no chemicals, oil products or solvents required to clean it. Grafton Hardwood Sawmill specialises in producing quality Swan Structural products. We are passionate about our timber and take pride in providing informative service to our customers.
Our storeroom consists of products in a range of colours and textures. No matter your taste or the size of your project, we have the perfect flooring solution. Our technicians have the experience you want on your side. Let us renew any room in your home with our beautiful designs. Our customers love our kitchen designs with timber floors.

Hardwood timber Floors are a traditional flooring choice and different from engineered hardwood. Solid timber can be sanded and coated again after a few years. Because there are limited wood forest resources, solid timber is becoming more and more expensive. On today ‘s market, most consumers choose engineered timber floor. Kingswell Flooring has good quality timber flooring range to choose. We supply the best quality floating timber floors, laminate floors, vinyl planks and hybrid floor materials.
They paid extreme attention to detail and problem solved any situation as it arose. Melbourne Floors Mart team take pride in the work they do. As a team they provided us with a pleasant overall experience and would highly recommend their services to other family members & friends without any hesitation.

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