Under Chin Sculpting Melbourne To Rejuvenate Your Lower Face

The frequency and number of treatments also allows for a very natural reduction of the fat layer. Now with double chin injections which breaks down fat under the chin and neck area, we are able to perform double chin reduction with minimal down-time and permanent results. One of the sure ways of treating double chin that is widely used by aestheticians everywhere is double chin injections.
In fact, studies revealed that nearly 7 out of 10 people above a certain age have concerns about the appearance of their necks. Subjects in a large study reported primarily disliking the excess fat or skin folds that accumulate under the chin area and along the jawline, often with age or weight changes. This leaves an unwanted ‘double chin’ appearance or an indistinguishable 超声刀 chin and jawline. At Cosmetic Skin Doctors, the cost of double chin injections are $100 per ml. Depending on the amount you need and the number of sessions scheduled for you, our practitioners can give you a more approximate quote. A thorough consultation with us can help us understand the extent of treatment required in your case and how much it can cost you.

This can happen due to a number of reasons, including old age, loss of skin elasticity, weight gain, or genetics. Chin fat is also quite difficult to deal with, even workout routines and diets. Both these treatments merit what they can do for you, and which one better boils down to preference. You should go for Chin liposuction if you need more immediate and dramatic results.

A double chin occurs due to the accumulation of fat under the chin and neck. If you wish to get rid of the double chin with minimum fuss and low downtime, fat dissolving injections could be the best choice for you. Fat-dissolving injections are a non-invasive procedure that brings long-lasting results for people wishing to get rid of the double chin. Excess chin fat can be difficult to remove even with traditional ways to lose weight like diets and exercise. A double chin can be caused by age, weight gain, and genetics.
A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin. Please bring a surgical mask with you as patients and visitors are required to wear these while in the clinic, unless a medical exemption applies and is provided to staff on arrival. Patients who arrive without a mask or with a cloth mask will be provided with a surgical mask to wear while at the clinic.

Known as induration, this occurs in about one in five people who have double chin injections. This is part of the inflammatory process, and will improve on its own over a few weeks. The injection itself is a naturally occurring molecule which works by destroying fat cells. When injected into the chin area this results in a reduction of “fullness” and reduces the appearance of a “double chin”. Ideal candidates are those who want to remove excess fat underneath the chin that has not been reduced with diet and exercise efforts alone. The treatment can be suitable for both men and women over the age of 18 who would like to eliminate unwanted fat underneath the chin with a non-surgical option.
Patients with loose skin and minimal neck fat are generally more suited to a neck lift. There is minimal downtime after receiving a double chin treatment. Some patients may experience some swelling and redness to the area however any slight discomfort experienced will resolve quickly. Normal activity can be resumed immediately following treatment. Once you have had the required treatments according to your needs, you can expect a slimmer more contoured jawline and neck profile. Once you have achieved your desired results, retreatment isn’t expected.

The treatment is designed to improve the appearance of the chin by dissolving the fat in the area. The injectable we use is identical to a molecule naturally produced in the body that promotes the absorption of fat. It’s as safe as it is effective and we’re proud to be one of the first clinics in Melbourne to offer it. We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest medical research.
After a few weeks, you may see some difference in the definition of your chin and jawline. The solution in fat dissolving injections is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that naturally occurs in the body and helps in breaking down dietary fat. At CRC we use fat dissolving injections in conjunction with our ulthera treatments. This combination provides the best results for our patients and means they only need to have only one session of both fat dissolving injections and ulthera treatment.

Fat freezing and melting devices are the most conservative treatment option to reduce under-chin fat. They take a number of treatments and do not work for everyone. Fat freezing also has a risk of causing the unwanted fat to grow . Fat melting devices can cause damage to deeper structures, potentially giving you an overly hollow and gaunt appearance. Necktite is the leading non surgical treatment designed to effectively reduce under chin fat, and lift and tighten sagging neck skin.
For more subtle chin fat NuEra Tight may be used alone to reduce your chin fat. For more significant chin fat deposits the combination of the two treatment works the best. Double Chin Fat dissolving injections are suited to anyone that is experiencing excessive fat deposits under their chin and wish to improve their appearance and look younger.

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