Best Dentists In Tokyo, Japan

It is a wish to continue to be “a dental clinic where anyone can get a healthy mouth in advanced dentistry”. We welcome emergency patients at anytime, as in patients with pain, swelling, external injury, detachment, and chipped tooth. For patients whose occupation involves appearing in public, we also provide emergency treatment for physical appearance of teeth. Finding an English-speaking dentist on the other hand may be a bit more challenging. Fortunately, the list below includes a number of dentists and orthodontists in Tokyo that provide dental care with English-speaking staff.
He can also resonate with foreigners’ anxieties when coming to a new city as he too experienced this when he moved to Los Angeles as a student. The initial office fee here is more expensive than other, 11,000 yen clinics but on the second visit it goes down to 3,300 yen. They offer check-ups & cleaning, dental bonding, aesthetic dentistry and infection control. For 3 1/2 years, Dr. Yamanaka did extensive researches and practical trainings with top oral surgeons at University of California, Los Angeles .

Adopting the group practice, the Amano Dental Clinic aims at providing the best dental care available to our patients. Our dental team consists of six well-trained, highly-skilled dentists. The clinic’s dentists also practice aesthetic dentistry, including ceramic restoration; and general dentistry, including cleaning, preventative dentistry, and cavity treatment. The main practitioner has far-reaching, world-wide training meaning he is highly experienced in working with people from different areas of the world.
Even after returning to Japan, I have been engaging in insurance-covered dentistry, preventive dentistry, and esthetic dentistry for many non-Japanese patients at the general dentist office in Japan. When that is settled, he offers unparalleled treatment utilising the latest technology. Adopting the American-style group practice, 府中 歯科 I finally established the dental team, consisting of two highly-trained endodontists, a periodontologist, orthodontist and two oral surgeons. We are now able to provide the specialized and best dental treatment available in the world. At a Japanese dental school, students learn specialized as well as general practice.

In Japan, the dentists tend to charge by visit rather than the specific treatment. We will do our best with a smile so that high-quality treatment incorporating new medical technology can be done. Finding English-speaking dentists in Japan can be a challenge. There are usually one or none in many areas of the country. Even searching for an “English-speaking dentist near me” can be a whole project.
In addition to “Panda parking lot”, you can use coin parking called “Aipec” on Akebono hospital street. We have a designated parking lot so please check with reception. About 6 minutes on foot from Odakyu Odawara line “Machida station” north exit. JR Yokohama Line “Machida Station” North entrance 10 minutes on foot. Go straight on Sakae-dori, there is our hospital on the 7th floor of a white building at Sakae street central intersection.
While the Japanese health system offers a certain standard of treatment to everyone at relatively low cost, there is a limit to the materials and equipment that can be covered by insurance. Many patients only want to treat their pain within the bounds of their health insurance, meaning that most Japanese dentists have to work within those treatment limitations. Almost all dentists in Japan operate solo dental practices. Because the same dentist provides all the dental care, a patient can build strong relationships with the dentist. An expert in orthodontics may not be good in oral surgery. With a few exceptions, all treatment is taken care by one dentist.

The main practitioner graduated in America and completed his studies at Tohoku Dental University. This prestigious training makes it a trustworthy clinic where you will receive the highest quality treatment. It specialises in a number of things but above all cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, implant dentistry, periodontics, root canals and wisdom tooth extractions. This is an expert clinic in dealing with foreign patients. However, if you are looking for a deluxe dentist trip this is the right place to visit. The top dentists were trained in America and speak fluent English.
This dentist specialises in implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. It also focuses on dental implants, root canal treatment and crowns/veneers. The technological equipment includes panoramic x-ray, intraoral x-ray and dental microscope treatments. This clinic is very easily accessible from downtown Tokyo, 3 minutes’ walk from Harajuku JR station.
In October I had a direct fall to my face on the cement while visiting Tokyo. I had to be treated in the ER but they could only do so much and I needed to get to a dentist ASAP. Not only was he one of the few who spoke English, and was willing to squeeze me in right away, but he and his staff were so caring and compassionate and he did a great job. His treatment enabled me to continue on with my travels for the next 2 weeks rather than have to cut my trip short and return to the US. Dr. Masamu is a graduate of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and completed his orthodontic training at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Dental Institute Orthodontic Science Department.

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