Best Tattoo Shop San Diego

Diego Tattoo Gallery is conveniently situated in East San Diego, just south of Swift Park, Cabrillo Knoll, & Wabash Gardens. We’re off the 805 and University Avenue, very near North Park. If you are sick, we will reschedule your consultation or appointment. Although limited, guests are permitted at your consultation or appointment.
While it is never a bad idea to choose one of the most well-known artists in the area, you might actually find that another artist is a better fit for your needs. You’ll never know tattoo San Diego until you search around online and take a look at some artists’ portfolios. That way you can get a feel for the styles that they use and you can see how consistent they are.

The various artists specialize in black-and-gray color and Japanese-style artwork. San Diego is a southern Cali city known for its perfect weather laid back atmosphere and sandy beaches. The Art of Sergio Big Checho Perez has been seen all over the World in Magazines Video Pictures and Social Media. Fast forward to today, Avalon II is an award winning shop located in North Park, with team of creative, customer service oriented artists from around the world.

They offer extensive arts and styles along with impeccable quality. The parlor is clean, hygienic, and adequate measures are taken to ensure the client’s health. The shop remains open the entire week, and so you can even get a tattoo on Sunday. At this time, Diego Tattoo Gallery does not offer body piercing services, through its network of professionals and artists can certainly recommend you to talented peers in nearby shops. Our artists’ unique backgrounds and experiences help them create tattoos that tell stories.
Located in the west end of the San Diego River Valley, San Diego’s Old Town district is a bustling neighborhood full of shops and restaurants, and other touristy attractions. Coronado Island can be considered a city within a city, and it is one of the most exclusive areas of San Diego. One of the biggest tourists draws is the fantastic view of San Diego Bay and the beautiful skyline of the city.

We truly believe that whether your tattoo is your first or you have extensive work, big or small, we take time to make them all amazing pieces of art to enjoy and last a lifetime. Our tattoo artists and piercers are health department certified and licensed. Tattoo Supplies San Diego CA. Guru Tattoo is one of the best San Diego tattoo shops with two locations along the west coast.
The tattoo I got was high quality and required a few hours of work. I didn’t get a tattoo here but still reviewing so maybe others don’t have the same experience. Very friendly staff.Did my nose piercing with Eddie Castro he was very careful and nice to me. First piercing and it was the easiest, chilliest, pain free experience. 1st- they answered all my questions and made some wonderful recommendations via yelp within minutes.

SD Tattoo is an award-winning tattoo studio known for providing stunning tattoos and high-quality piercings. The studio offers a clean and sterile environment to ensure its customer’s safety. Their knowledgeable tattoo artists have decades of combined experience in the latest tattoo designs. The studio’s tattooists and piercers are health department certified and licensed.
Something with a neutral style, like a word or phrase, or perhaps a significant date, might be a good first tattoo for you. Deciding to get your first tattoo can be an intimidating experience. After all, tattoos are basically forever, so you have to be absolutely sure of your decision. Clients can choose from seven in house artists read their bios peruse their work and contact them directly.

It was founded by Seth Reynolds, an alumnus of Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology. He is an experienced tattooist highly regarded by the tattoo community for his Polynesian and tribal-style tattoos. His tattoo parlor’s artists offer a wide range of tattoo designs, including portrait, watercolor, dot work and stippling, illustrative and realism, and mandala. Moreover, the place is renowned for its freshness and soothing environment, a perfect destination to get a tattoo. The team of best tattoo artists has combined professional experience of over 40 years.
Here is a list of restaurants near the tattoo shop in San Diego. After my apprenticeship in 2002, I got my first job at a high-production tattoo shop in Milwaukee. I was there for about a year and a half, building my portfolio and refining my craft before relocating to San Diego. We pride ourselves is doing the best at our work and making our customers always leave happy and satisfied in their new art. All of our sessions with our artists are by appointment only. Please submit your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible with availability.

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