Mini Hot Pot

Fill in your details below to get to know about our special events, promotions, new menus and more. No, the restaurant Dainty Sichuan Hot Pot – CBD has no Outdoor seating. We came across this restaurant, right across the street from our hotel and we had a blast. Start creating a personalised itinerary — or add to an existing list.
With its wooden panels and faux brick interiors reminiscent of a Chinese tea house, Xiaolongkan (“little dragon” in Mandarin) is a hot pot chain from China with 900 stores worldwide. It has two outposts in Sydney, located in Chinatown and Burwood. The condiment station is not as well stocked as other Chinese hot pot mini pot joints, but the complimentary soft serve after your meal is a sweet touch. One Pot also serves hot pot versions of Korean kimchi soup, Thai tom yum and Japanese miso. “We’re always trying to bring the true taste of Hong Kong and Hong Kong culture to Sydney … our chicken pot is perfect in the winter,” she says.

Let me tell you, I chose Mild, and that was spicy enough for me and too spicy for my friend; her plate was peppered with chillies. Only the brave will tread the boards of Fire and Dragon Hot no doubt. With over 10 years of experience in the food industry, Jymmanuel Eatery has created some of the most unique homemade Taiwanese food that you’ll ever have. Beef broth is the name of the game here, with the two simmering “master pot” cauldrons of soup greeting diners as they enter. ” han means ‘one’ and sang means ‘table’, so when you put the words together it means one big table, or a lot of food for people to share,” he says. Service was really nice and friendly and pressing the button made it really efficient!
The Vietnamese restaurant in south-west Sydney is well known for its charcoal-grilled meats. But in winter, when the mercury drops, the popularity of its steamboat rises. “That’s when you can cook all of the other ‘sides’ included in the set,” Chan says.

Strict quality control, unique food features and reasonable price is our precious self-discipline regulation.We have received numerous compliments from both domestic and overseas culinary masters and professional food critics. The Michelin Chefs have made Dainty Sichuan Food a highly recommended food culture. Step into Ancient China and an unforgettable hot pot experience complete with free nightly shows. Today, the main distinction is the use of thinly sliced lamb. At Happy Lamb on Exhibition Street, marrow is steeped in the eight-hour broth.
Best known for their viral Barbie dolls draped in slices of wagyu beef, this Melbourne venue is one of more than 500 stores internationally. As an added bonus, the menu allows guests to choose their own mini, individual pots instead of the usual shared soup in the centre of the table. Located in the CBD, this new spot is all about the wine, cocktails, premium meats and seafood.
“Everyone likes to eat differently, but I like to put in the fish and harder vegetables first, as they take longer to cook,” he says. The hot pot soup “gives you that kick”, predominantly from the sharpness of tamarind but also the sweetness that’s found in the Thai tom yum soup. Hong Kong Bing Sutt has been serving classic Hong Kong dishes for seven years, and this winter it’s brought a truly local dish to Sydneysiders – chicken hot pot. Invented in Hong Kong about two decades ago, the “Chonqing chicken pot” features bite-sized pieces of chicken braised in a spicy sauce with red onion, shallot, chilli, lotus root and bean sprouts. Beef Rice Noodle is a characteristic meal in Guizhou province of China, the most famous one comes from Huaxi of Guizhou. Superior cattle are selected then use the medullary bone to cook the soup base, with smooth steam rice noodle and fragrance beef, put on appetizer pickled vegetables, dotted with fresh cilantro and specialized minced chili.

Dainty Sichuan Food in the CBD is one of Melbourne’s leading restaurants for authentic Chinese food. This award-winning and celebrated restaurant group has a number of eateries scattered around the city, with each outlet earning a well-deserved reputation amongst foodies. One look at their menu and you’ll easily understand why, as Dainty Sichuan showcases a passionate dedication to offering only the best and most traditional dishes for diners to try. The real speciality at Dainty Sichuan Food in the CBD is the hotpot, so be sure to order of one their umami-rich soups and dig into premium fillings like Japanese Wagyu, fresh seafood, homemade meatballs and gourmet mushrooms.
The restaurant offers Australian beef that is simply beautiful and a menu that is awe-inspiring. I found the individual pots to be a bit of an anomaly but, after trying it, I found it quite enjoyable. Plus, the sauce bar, with both English and Chinese labels, makes creating your own custom dipping sauce easy. Our tip is to try their signature stir-fry spicy pot – it’s a dry version of their famous soup base that uses over 20 kinds of Chinese herbs and spices for a fiery kick. Remember to ask for a complimentary bowl of steamed white rice for a match made in malatang heaven.

They are the perfect accompaniment to the stock – spoon the rich broth onto the rice, or vice versa. Diners each get their own hot pot (great news for non-sharers), and there are seven broth options available, the most popular being black truffle mushroom broth (a chicken-based soup with hints of truffle) and “exquisite silver soup” . You can also get a combination of two soups, with the hot pot divided in two. Vietnamese customers also like to dip the cooked fish in a fish sauce, which brings out the flavour of the silver perch, Nguyen says.
There’s a small size with seven cannoli, a larger 18-piece number, and gluten-free options for both. We are halal certified, and cater to a range of dietary requirements, with clear labelling throughout the buffet and a wide range of options to enjoy. You can see the catalog of available drinks and food on the Spice World Hot Pot Melbourne menu section. Ntries such as Vietnam and Thailand, aromatic local produce including lemongrass, tamarind and galangal are more prevalent in the broths. During lockdown, they will be servicing takeaway and delivery as well.
They’re available Fridays and Saturdays, and can be picked up from Cookes Food’s St Kilda headquarters or delivered for $15 – either to your doorstep or directly to the park. Delivery is free for orders above $125, with a flat rate of $15 for smaller orders. Delivery is available to suburbs within 20 kilometres of the CBD.

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