Our Reviews Of The 4 Best Dog Blow Dryers

Even for units that do provide heat, we suggest keeping the heating unit off, especially if the dryer is very powerful. Most dog dryers are designed to operate at a lower noise level than human dryers, since dogs don’t tend to be fans of loud, noisy machines . But drying is what we are concentrating on now, and the advice of pet groomers when it comes to this particular step include knowing what you are doing as much as possible. If you’ve never groomed your dog or dried off your dog, then you may want to take your dog to a professional groomer and try to get some tips before you do it yourself. Basically, though, you should just make sure that you are not using too much heat and that you blowdry your dog evenly without getting the dryer too close to your dog’s fur.
A pet blow dryer with higher CFM will blast more air and allow the coat to dry faster. I recommend using a warm setting on the highest airflow speed that your dryer allows. If you are going to buy a new hairdryer soon, look to see if the CFM/FPM is noted on the Dog Grooming Dryer box and buy the one with the highest number, especially if you have a thick-coated dog. If you have a button for cool air, you can use it intermittently so you don’t overheat your pet. If you were wet all over would you want to stand in front of a fan naked?

The impressive Xpower B-53 is versatile enough to be used as a pet dryer or an electric duster and general air pump around the home. The lightweight yet durable casing comes in three colors and is made from super lightweight and durable ABS plastic. The premium price tag is reflected in the strength of the machine, with two speed options of between 34,321 FPM and 62,000 FPM, and an impressive air volume. One of the best features is the option to switch between using a single motor and a duel motor, which is perfect for households with multiple dogs of different sizes.
It’s quite a bit weaker than the rest of our picks but it’s also pretty awesome for the price. Even better, the brushless motor still runs quiet compared to most of the others we looked at. For anxious dogs that can be extremely important, even if they’re confined within a crate or cage since they won’t get anxious during the process. You’ll want to ensure that you’re able to tuck your dryer safely away at the end of your session without it taking up an entire room to itself.

You have to eliminate the ground moisture to control the environment. Lots of water is generated in a grooming salon or kennel. Humidity is high in these locations and cause many problems that can easily be avoided with dehumidifying the environment.
All the money that you have spent on the dog dryer would be of no use if it stops working after a couple of uses. You would want the dryer to work for as long as you want, which is why you should be looking for a dryer that boasts of the kind of durability that you want. To make your search easier we have listed down some of the key features that you should consider when buying the best dog dryer for your golden retriever. These features when found inside the dryer will help ensure a good purchase of you. This Air Force Commander Dryer is one of the better dryers in the market and does an amazing job at keeping your dog dry and good looking.

You also have to remember that your dog has a very finely tuned sense of hearing, so what may appear to be a relatively quiet noise to us can be extremely loud to canines. Just like us, dogs have the basic need to feel safe – particularly in their own home. It is natural that stress and fear come from the unknown. A major consideration is also the length of the wire and hose that come with the dog dryer.
Your dryer will have deodorized in a cheap and effective way. Along with adjustable inlet, SHELANDY has also taken the utmost care to reduce noise as much as possible. To aid this, they have added four different layers of noise-canceling technology. The machine also comes with a year-long warranty and two different temperature controls.

Thank them I found an ideal dog dryer – Flying Pig High Velocity. SO now I’ve forgotten about any problems devoted to the drying process and just happy to be together with my dog during it. I have a grooming salon, that’s why I need something durable. All my workers use Metro Quick Draw and they have nothing to complain about. The coat which is inherent to the dog breed may make usage of a dryer imperative to ensure the animal doesn’t remain wet for long.
After disconnecting them, place them closer and let them inspect them if they seem interested. Otherwise let them sit there so they can look at them and get used to the idea of how the machine works. A cheap nozzle is susceptible to cracking due to heat and air speed pressure.

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