Fat Dissolving Double Chin Treatment Sydney

Common side-effects are some light burning in the area injected, bruising, swelling and aching. Women should avoid Lipodissolve right before and during their period, as this will increase the sensation of discomfort dramatically. Cellulite treatment can contain a little more discomfort which can be reduced by ice or local anaesthetics . At Australian Skin Clinics we know you deserve to be treated with the very best medical expertise. Our Medical Team is led by our very own Medical Director and team of highly experienced Registered Nurses.
What’s more, our highly experienced and regarded doctors and nurses will give you the best care while you are with us. Your treatment is always carried out by a skilled physician for an accurate treatment that makes you feel your best. This product is made up of deoxycholic acid , which is a natural bbl laser Sydney substance in the body that breaks down dietary fat. A series of DA injections are administered under the chin after a topical anaesthetic has been applied. If you really want the wow factor, there are a few other non-surgical additions that can enhance the results of sub-mental injections.
For all the unanswered questions about the fat dissolving injections chin treatment, keep on reading. Pain thresholds vary, however, our expert team can numb the skin in the area we are targeting the fat to dissolve to make the experience more comfortable. After the injection, patients have reported that the area may feel as if it has been sunburnt. Our fast treatment can help dissolve the fat that misshapen your chin.

The process normally requires 2 treatments and lasts for several years. Ageing, genetically predisposed and weight fluctuations can all influence submental fat causing ‘double chin’. The injections can be used to reduce fat in this area to reduce the appearance of a double chin. When combined with placement of dermal filler, these treatments are used to shape and ‘chisel’ the jawline and chin which is desirable for men and women. Research has shown 59% of women and 41% of men would like to improve their side profile by treating submental fat. Results are gradual, as the body eliminates submental fullness and fat over time.
This fat tends to stubbornly remain despite our best efforts to remove it with diet and exercise. This fat sits close to the skin, making it easily amenable to treatment. Facetite melts under chin fat, removes stubborn fat cells and tightens underlying skin in one session. Most patients require three treatments of one cycle, spaced 1 month apart.

The staff are caring and friendly and I will definitely be returning. Our gallery examples provide a reference point for the results we can achieve using this treatment from real clients of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. Visible results can be seen in 2-4 treatments and re-treatment is not expected, as results are maintained for at least 4 years. This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms. We begin with a minimum of 2 treatments, followed by an additional 1-4. A consultation is necessary for this to determine if you are a suitable candidate or if other methods such as liposuction may be better suited.
Minimal downtime – Depending on the body area treated, patients often return to normal activity immediately after treatment. The normal time for swelling and soreness to disappear is one week. Lipolysis is a safe and effective treatment which permanently destroys fat cells and dissolves the fat particles. A combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate plus vitamins, has been safely used in Australian cosmetic clinics for many years. No, fat dissolving injections can take 6-12 weeks before the effects are evident.

In Australia, only medical doctors, or registered nurses under the supervision of a doctor can administer fat dissolving injections. You will be given an individual treatment plan so that you can get the best results and enjoy taking your selfies once more. You can combine your fat dissolving injections with other treatments such as skin tightening radiofrequency device for great results. Fat dissolving injections can be placed into your chin to get rid of your unwanted double chin. Anyone who has tried dieting will know that you cannot choose where you lose your weight from and stubborn chin fat can often remain.
Justin presented to Contour, wanting a more defined masculinised chiselled jaw. Part of the journey that we’re taking with Justin to achieve this, if first doing a little bit of fat dissolving to the area under his chin. Fat Dissolving Injections dissolve fat cells through a series of injections, with very little downtime. See how quick and simple this treatment was performed by Nurse Lauren. Most patients notice a significant reduction in under chin fat within 4 weeks of treatment.

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