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Indeed, some professional and business activities still require employees to be in the office regularly. In this case, the basic tools are a good laptop and a stable internet connection. A digital nomad is a remote worker who uses technology to carry out his professional activity and who usually travels to different locations.
It is held from 15th to 20th and includes a wide range of events (bullfights, chants of “Albades” paella festival, outdoor concerts, fireworks, live music, etc.) and travelling craft and food stalls, etc., that fully occupy the city’s main avenue. The Christian monarchs turned the city into a fortress to defendbthe route from Castile to the capital of the kingdom, and its fort into a state prison of the Crown of Aragon, where pretenders to the crown, as well as to the crowns of Mallorca and Naples, were incarcerated. It was instrumental during the War of the Union and War the two Pedros with Castile, and played a decisive role in the conflict of the “Germanies” and the War of Succession to the Crown of Spain, which began in 1705. The elements that are conserved today are composed of rammed earth, masonry or dressed stone blocks, mostly dating from either the Islamic period or from the 14th century. Understand and know how to apply the principles and approaches of construction/branding strategies and branding in the online environment. Integrate the acquired knowledge and face the complexity of making judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on social, economic and ethical aspects.

The exhibition Intimate Sorolla, sketches from “Vision of Spain” allowed us to show both Sorolla’s creative process, through his sketches, and the complex restoration intervention carried out by IVCR + i professionals who used… The palace and site of Tabladillo is a spectacular complex in the province of Avila, successively developed from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The recovery of this centennial path, a chilling one hundred metres above the Guadalhorce river gorge, is one more example of the close relationship between the preservation of historical memory and the development of… An old farm with seven residents, rehabilitated as a hotel, has returned the Casa del Temple all its Hispanic-Muslim to all its artistic wealth. The rehabilitation of the Mercado de Colon has returned to the city of Valencia the beauty of one of its most perfect Modernist buildings. Cleaning the façade, general sanitation, and conversion of the attics into a spacious boardroom are some of the projects in one of the few works by the best-known Spanish architect outside of Catalonia.
El Capricho, the jewel of Gaudí’s first creative period, was restored conscientiously following the original project of the great Catalan architect. The restoration and conservation works of the fortified areas of Melilla have allowed it not only to recover the greatness of one of the best examples of defensive architecture on the Mediterranean but also… Three public administrations and several private foundations have promoted the rehabilitation of the main streets and squares of Madrid of the Habsburgs, facilitating the mobility of pedestrians and promoting a more friendly image of…

In this language exchange program, my main role was to develop sessions to practice conversational skills, in Spanish language , with native English speakers from Boston, MA. In this postgraduate program, I had the opportunity to deepen in the knowledge of the major publishing and graphic design tools. During the 2013 year, I was living in Boston for 3 months to improve my English language level at The New England School Of English, in order to prepare the TOEFL exam in the best possible conditions. Lecturer teaching internship of Spanish as a foreign language during one week.
The recovery of Rubielos de Mora is linked to the figure of José Gonzalvo, a sculptor who sought support from the authorities and his neighbours to save his town from abandon and ruin. More than 54 Romanesque religious buildings in the north of Palencia and Burgos have been restored for seven years, thanks to the North Romanesque Plan. The architectural complex is an excellent example of the cultural and social hybridization between Islam and Christian Spain. For almost twenty years the Seo of Zaragoza remained closed to the faithful and the public. Since 1998 one of the principal monuments in Zaragoza has once again shone with all its light. The Bishop’s House offers the rare experience of walking in the same site through Phoenician, Punic, Roman, and Muslim cultural remains.
Presently, He leads the Lab “EcoTop – Ecology and Conservation of Top Predators” at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Jaime and his research team assess questions on conservation physiology, habitat selection, diet, trophic ecology with stable isotopes and others on movement seo local Valencia ecology using biologging. With those, he study the reproductive and foraging ecology of top predators as umbrela species for biodiversity conservation and environmental management. Our multi-skilled team will build your app with the technical, user-oriented and business perspectives in mind.

And, a big part of those that have do not devote the required levels of attention to their social media profiles (or they simply don’t do it well). That is why the role of the social media manager is something that any company needs today. If you take a close look at which are the main successful companies nowadays, you will find how many of them possess a business model that does not involve a huge number of internal costs. For example, Airbnb, even though operating in the house rental business, has 0 maintenance costs. And that is because it is the intermediary, and those costs are paid by the buyer/seller.
As an expat, you can take advantage of your situation and offer tourist packages for individuals from all around the world wishing to visit Spain. You know exactly what are their needs and desires, and what impressed you the most. Besides, the understanding of the country that you will gather while living in it will make you able to create the perfect experiences. And, due to how diverse the Spanish territory is and the culture & history its regions have, you will see an infinite amount of possibilities to start off. The other upside of this business idea is that you don’t need to be really creative. You will just need to contact the same manufactures that fill the shelves of the other souvenir shops in the city, buy from them and then sell applying your markup.

If we look at other languages, for example, Spanish, we see how it is the second most spoken language in the world, but is in 4th position in relation to online content. More significant is the case of Portuguese, which, although it is the 4th most spoken language in the world, is in the 15th position in terms of online content. On the other hand, if we analyze the most used content on web pages, we find that probably more than 60% is in English! While it is true that it is one of the most spoken languages and by a large number of people, not only as a native language, but as a second or third language, it represents a very high amount of online content in this language. Our products are manufactured in Europe, ensuring an optimum level of quality and service and price stability.

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