Backing Tracks Exercises

We can produce custom backing tracks for as little as £60, so you will not have to spend a fortune in order to obtain the perfect music for your requirements. Our custom tracks are ideal for vocalists who prefer to perform original material and for industry professionals who would like music recorded especially for their production. TV & Radio – Whether you are producing a slick commercial for television or putting together a play for the radio, you are sure to find the perfect musical accompaniment in our online library of tunes. From jazz standards to heavy metal, we have tracks that are perfect for all situations. If you already know the name of the artist or track in which you are interested, you can use the search function to find what you need. Alternatively, browse our collection alphabetically, using the letters at the top of the page to navigate.
The price of a wedding singer can vary considerably depending on a number of factors. As a general rule, you can expect quotes for ceremony music and the drinks reception music to fall somewhere in Backing tracks for singers the region of £300-£500 for a solo singer. Rat Pack / Frank Sinatra / Jazz SingersA Rat pack or jazz singer is ideal for the champagne reception, wedding breakfast or early evening entertainment.
So, in recent weeks fans from across Bedford and from across the country, descended on Esquires for some of the smallest gigs you’ll see Grennan playing for the foreseeable. “I feel like this is where it all started, on this stage.” Peter lives in Walton-on-Thames with his wife and two children. For work, he gets to write and travel the world to places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Cambodia, Mozambique and Nepal – with a smartphone loaded with British folk rock from the 60s to the present.

There’s a distinctly analogue immediacy to the recording, and it’s no trick; it was recorded at Dave Pegg’s early home recording setup that grew up to become Woodworm Studios. The recordings were supposed to be demos, but the calibre of the musicians meant it ended up much more than that. As far as we could see, there was no miming, or backing tracks. The singing was ‘live’, each actor had small and fairly concealed mice on their heads.
Filled with delicate and subtle layers of soul, gospel and funk, it’s quite something to behold. And with a powerful lyrical narrative to boot, Vysionaer has placed himself perfectly in the current Jamaican music scene. It’s a stunning first vision and a teaser of more to come.

If you feel like doing both will help your performance, make sure you practise a lot so you know when the instrument fits well with the backing music. Custom-made backing tracks are the preferable route for professionals wanting a bespoke sound. But they’re also almost certainly the more expensive option.
Backing tracks to the musical The Fantasticks with removable guide vocals and graphics. All tracks have definite endings and are always recorded in the original key, except where stated. We can produce backing tracks in other keys – prices and availability varies so please contact us for a quotation.
On the live circuit, a general expectation persisted that musicians should be able to play. When the truth emerged about Milli Vanilli in 1990, they had to return their Grammy and were sued for consumer fraud. Age wreaks havoc on vocal cords, and veteran singers have taken to autotune every bit as enthusiastically as their young counterparts. Among BBC producers and engineers, there is much discussion about whether musicians can really perform. “If you have to mime, you won’t be booked for one of the big live shows [such as Later… With Jools Holland],” an insider said. Piano accompaniments and song backing tracks meticulously prepared and recorded by expert pianists.

Signed artists will often use backing tracks for performances on TV (look back over old episodes of Top of the Pops and count how many of the bands are actually playing live!) or particularly highly – choreographed live performances. You can take our recording as separate stems into the studio where you live and add your own parts there and mix to your own taste too if you want. Or if you live locally to our studio you could book into Offbeat to add your parts. Piano track recorded exactly as it appears on the sheet music with the addition of bass guitar & drums/percussion. 10 Discs Included in a Stylish Gift Box, Vocal-Star are renowned for the Best Quality of backing tracks in the Karaoke Industry, used by karaoke hosts and professional singers all over the world.

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