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The arrangements are based on the documents that you, as a student, will need to provide to the host institution and the home institution. Be first to hear about our latest releases, special offers and training tips by signing up for the On Newsletter. The company plans to keep its foot on the accelerator and continue to expand. Hence, in July, it obtained 10 M€ of financing to grow organically and with acquisitions.
The key is to specialize and to target a tiny group of homogeneous customers. For example, if you were to open a restaurant, don’t open a Mediterranean food restaurant. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The development of the training will be monitored every week with a compromise of a meeting every 2 weeks. The training fees do not include taxes, duties or any other deduction regulated by each country.

The aim of these groups is the integral development of each of its members and the transmission of fundamental values, seeking to ensure a continuous process of growth, human and Christian maturity. We have created flexible, open and stimulating workspaces that drive innovation. Modular workspaces that form a part of the creation process, that adapt to the complexity of each project, from the most personal scale to the prototypes for leading firms, or even larger-scale programmes. IED Madrid is spread across two sites; and the Barcelona school has another two buildings located in the city’s Gràcia district.
In addition to the daily work, we also produce regular reports to keep the management team updated about the project development. These reports include a mid-season chronogram and a comprehensive report based on key performance indicators to ensure that the organization is evolving adequately. Within our organization there will be a team specially focused on developing your project. Such team will be made up of Ekkono licensed coaches, some located in Barcelona and others in your organization. Together, they will use the Ekkono Identity method to team up with your technical staff, providing them with support and resources in order to achieve the agreed results.

Spanish literature development intersects with other literary traditions from the various regions of the country. The most well-known Spanish author is Miguel de Cervantes, who wrote the famous novel Don Quijote de la Mancha, the most emblematic work in the history of Spanish literature and a foundational classic of Western literature. Spain is, mainly, a mosaic of diverse, respectful and popular cultures. Spanish cultural and social life is the product of multiple external influences received throughout its history, thus its richness and diversity.
CIC bioGUNE, and CIC biomaGUNE, will participate in the Subject of Applied Chemistry for Life Science and Homeostasis and Regulation, coordinated by Dr. Joaquin Castilla and Dr. Edurne Berra. Physiotherapists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, personal trainers, fitness instructors and professionals related to health and sport. If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness sessions, our trainers are at your disposal and will work with you individually. If you don’t like training alone, you can sign up for our group classes, which are offered in-person or virtually. After a great workout, our sugar-free, vitaminised YANGA Sports Water drink will help you properly rehydrate. Now you can enjoy a healthy workout with strength and aerobic exercises that integrates basketball activities to improve your physical condition.
By ensuring your academy players reach the Pro Team, your organization is going to save budget in the market-transfer windows. Boost the sense of belonging among your players, staff and fans thanks to a shared way of understanding football, playing style, values and philosophy among other aspects. We listen to you, analyze your reality and from here on we set up a project tailored to your needs. We will use all our experience and knowledge to present you with a proposal that will surely be satisfactory. On the other hand, Shuya Honda, a player in the U18 team, tells in an interview how after attending the Ekkono Field.Rec video analysis sessions, he has learned to better understand the game and how to shake off. “Laranja Azul” is the official monthly magazine of Albirex Niigata.

Explanation to the players of the meaning and importance of the value to be lived, through a theoretical framework and examples. During the course of the interview, Miquel spoke about the Ekkono projects carried out around the world, such as our collaboration with PSG or FA Thailand, as well as recently, at the Catholic University of Chile. In this scenario, we had the chance to collaborate with the Californian club San Jose Earthquakes, Entrenador personal en Bilbao the two-time MLS champion. After a year and a half collaborating with the club, from Soccer Services Barcelona we would like to congratulate them for this great achievement and express our immense happiness and enthusiasm to verify that when you trust in the process, no challenge is unreachable. “I am very grateful to the Ekkono Method for helping me improve my understanding of the game and become a professional player.”
Permanent teacher at the TecnoCampus Mataró – Maresme School of Health. He has been Head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and Scientific Evidence. Professor of Statistics and Research Methodology in Health Sciences.

Co-Learning, one of the four pillars on which the Ekkono Method is based in order to create or strengthen an identity, consists in decentralizing the teaching processes to accelerate the learning processes. Smartfielder is the pillar of the Ekkono Method which focuses on maximizing a player’s access to the professional environment, turning him into smart and expert players. In this our sixth consecutive attendance to the event, more than 250 coaches from all over the country were reunited eager to learn more about football. From Soccer Services Barcelona, we designed a specific Individual Player Performance Program for Irene. More and more professional clubs are showing their interest in enhancing their identity and maximizing their performance by implementing the Ekkono Method. Paris Saint-Germain’s academy, one of the best producers of world-class players.
Our role as a hosting intermediary organization begins with the sourcing of the appropriate work place for each apprentice. We liaise with the hosting companies regularly during the mobility and are on hand for any problems or misunderstandings that may arise, we counsel the apprentices while they are here, both from a professional and a personal point of view. We try to engage them in activities that promote cultural curiosity. rated the quality of this property as 4 out of 5 based on factors such as facilities, size, location and services provided. Calatrava Bridge is 1 miles from Luxury Beachcity in Tiger Building, while Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall is 1.2 miles from the property.
Nortempo has been working since 1991 to position your business exactly where you want it to be and to ensure you find your place on the labour market. We connect businesses and professionals, forging relations based on trust and the creation of shared value. With these figures, PSG is the leading team in Europe in relation to the promotion of young talent. The gratifying job of defining and implementing an identity throughout the entire Club is now bearing its first fruit. Albirex Niigata and Soccer Services Barcelona reach agreement to use the Ekkono Identity method.

On the other hand, athletes, and especially coaches, know that it is important to prescribe appropriate training stimuli and recovery methods, to prevent injuries and ensure a longer and healthier sports life. Finally, a total of 44 players were selected to be part of the only high-performance Chinese centre in Catalonia. At the same time and in parallel, a report was made detailing the strategic development both for the training of coaches, the development and organization of Chinese competitions, as well as for the development of teaching units in the country’s schools. He has a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Industrial Psychology, Master in Human Resources and Emotional Intelligence. Certified Professional Coach, Practitioner in P.N.L. and University Expert in Training Focused on Results.
At CICbioGUNE we educate graduate students in their career think scientifically, design and execute a research project under the supervision and mentoring of a CIC bioGUNE Principal investigator. The programme targets highly qualified and talented graduate students with an enthusiastic interest in Life Science. Students make the most of an excellent staff of researchers and highly specialized technicians that assist and guide the student during their stay.

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